Want to Knit Socks but Allergic to Wool

I’d like to try knitting a pair of socks, but the only sock yarn I can find seems to be 75% wool, the thought of which makes me itch. Do any you knit socks other than wool? If so, what weight/brand of yarn would be good? Also, what size needles? From what I saw sizes 0-3 seem to be the norm. Finally, any recommendations for a really dumbed-down beginner pattern? Thanks.

You can use cascade fixation. It’s cotton and elastic. A bit odd to work with at first but makes nice socks. There are non wool sock yarns out there but you really have to look. Or you could use DK weight yarn of any kind for slightly thicker socks.

Someone, and I apologize for not remembering who it was, posted in another thread that they use crochet cotton to knit socks. The thread was about knitters on a budget, but I remember thinking that was a cool idea when I read it and I never thought of using crochet cotton to knit socks.

Yes…I have made many a synthetic sock with DK or baby yarn. It is just a matter of finding a good pattern for that size wool. A pattern that uses approx 3.25 mm needles would be about right.

I have also bought “dancing” wool from Knit Picks which was a cotton/elastic/something else blend that was kinda nice. It was on sale too!

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That would be cool, however to knit though, I was thinking to someone at a Yarn store, who said cotton alone is not good for socks as the heel will wear first. I am not sure how fast…but based on that advice, I would say a cotton blend would be the only way to go…??

Cotton is fine. If you’re worried about wear, just use a double strand for the heel. It’ll be thicker and so wear longer, as well as being a bit more cushy. Kinda like hiking socks.

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This is where I got my pattern. I did use woolease, but on 5’s and 6’s. I have some sportweight to try next.

Thanks for the ideas, all. Cotton or a blend sounds good. I’ll give that pattern a go too.

Crystal Palace Panda Cotton is wool-free, and comes in all sorts of cool colors. It’s a cotton, bamboo, and nylon blend. :slight_smile:

Oh…I love bamboo, it is really soft and nice!

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