Want to knit Legwarmers

Hi I am new to this forum so I hope I am posting in the right place. Well I would like to make some legwarmers for my one and half year old the problem is that I am not familiar with reading and understanding patterns. I have gone online and found plenty of patterns (ravelry) but I just can’t understand them and the other thing is that I am pretty new at knitting. I have made many scarfs and recently I made a caterpillar using dpn which I taught myself to use. Anyway, I guess my question is may I ask questions here regarding a pattern that I would like to use to make my sons legwarmers?
Thank you in advance

Welcome to Knitting Help. You have come to the perfect place to ask questions. There is lots of help available for all kinds of questions.
When you decide on a pattern, try to post a link or give us the name of the pattern when you ask a question as it makes everything easier.

We love to help newer knitters, kind of a hobby with me, not sure if others here consider it a hobby. It sounds like you have all the skills you will need for legwarmers, and it will be a great learning project for you. Ask away.

Thank you so much. I am looking forward to getting started. Once I decide on a pattern and find the correct yarn (currently living in Mexico and my options are limited in the area I live in) I will ask away. Again, thank you so kindly.

I agree with what was said above, you found the right place. Don’t be intimidated, it’s all easy and with a little help from your knittinghelp.com friends you’ll get 'er done in no time :wink:

Thank you all for you responses and now I am ready to get started.
Here is the link to the pattern:

So what is the first thing I do? Well I know its cast on but how many on each needle?

I would go with the pattern recommendation. Cast on 44sts and divide with 15sts on needless 1 and 2 and 14 on needle 3. You note for later that they want a very stretchy cast off so that there are no problems getting them on and off.
Those are such adorable leg warmers.

If you’re using dpns, then put more or less the same number of sts on each needle. It actually says in the pattern - 15, 15 and 14.

Great thank you. Yes I am using DPN and I have casted on 14,14,15 and now I just join in the round and begin knitting K2, P2, is this correct?

Yes, only the sts should be 15, 15, and 14 so you have the right number to do k2 p2 all around them.

Yes, it’s 15-15-14sts on the needles but of course I assume that you have done a gauge swatch. You should be getting about 28 sts to 4 inches in stockinette stitch in order to ensure that you get the size that is described in the pattern.

Ok, got it thank you Suzeeq.

No I don’t know what gauge swatch is? But I can measure it for 4 inches will that work?

Sure, just go ahead and start, work for a few inches then measure the sts across; Casting on 30 some sts for a swatch (should be more sts than the gauge given) is most of the legwarmer anyway. Basically you want to get 7 sts per inch or 14 sts over 2" or they may come out the wrong size.

Not to sure what you mean, but I am going to start and once I have four inches across I will ask again for help. Sorry, I am pretty new to this and I am so thankful I found this forum to help me. Thank you for your help

This is knit in a tube and if you’re on gauge the 44 sts will measure about 6" around the tube. If you flatten out the tube you’ll only have about 3" across. But you can go ahead and knit a few inches in length then measure to see if you have the right gauge.

The purpose of a gauge swatch is to make sure that the project you knit comes out the size that you want, neither too loose nor too tight. It’s a way of measuring the stitches per inch that you are getting with the needles and yarn that you’re using.
If you get more than 28sts/4inches (or 14sts/2inches) you can change to a larger needle size. If you get fewer stitches, you can go to a smaller needle size.

For this small an item, it’s probably not worth knitting a separate gauge which would be almost as large as just starting it and working a few inches. But for sweaters it’s a good idea to knit a separate one before starting the project.