Want to knit lace

I want to knit with lace weight yarn, I just bought some from knitpicks. Does anyone know any patterns that are good for a first time lace knitter?

I can do YO’s and all that stuff, I’ve followed patterns and can do some cool stuff. But I thougth knitting with lace weight would be something different, and I have the desire to make something delicate.

Sadly I know of no good sites, but thought I would say I’m with you on the lace knitting! I hope someone knows of some good sites!

try the candle flame shawl from knitpicks…it a free knit pattern

show me when it done :hug:

I just finished Charlotte’s Web, and I think it was a pretty easy lace pattern. You don’t need to use all the different colors.

i’m not sure if you are looking for free patterns but i just purchased “big book of knitting stitch pattern” and there are tons of lacy stitches to choose from (and many others). i just made my first lacy scarf and it was a great beginner’s project.

try the candle flame shawl from knitpicks…it a free knit pattern

show me when it done :hug:[/quote]

Letah, you read my mind! And Kitty, great suggestion! I’m printing the pattern!


I got lots of patterns from www.yarnover.net as well as Knitting Pattern Central and Elann.com


Thanks for all of the suggestions!!!

Here is a great page on how to do the “feather and fan” pattern (scroll down to the heading, “Beginner Project: Easy Lace Scarf”). The author of the article says that it’s a great pattern for those beginning to knit lace, and I think it is too–it’s the very first lace pattern I attempted. All you need to know how to do is knit, purl, K2tog, and YO–very easy indeed, and a confidence-booster. There are a few links at the end of the article with more free patterns for lace, too. Good luck–you can do it!!! :cheering:

:thumbsup: yep, feather and fan was my first.

then Branching Out, I’m in the middle of my 4th one.

good luck :heart: letah75, you will be fine! :slight_smile:

If you are interested in making things with laceweight yarn, I highly recommend the book, Victorian Lace Today. There are quite a few projects in there suitable for laceweight yarn. There are several that are not too complex for a first time lace knitter. Grumperina has some pictures of some of the projects from the book on her blog:

Another good source of patterns for laceweight yarn is Fiddlesticks:


If you have any trouble with the Knitpicks yarn, give Zephyr a try:


It’s softer than the KP yarn, has great stitch definition, comes in lots of colors and is only a few dollars more than the KP yarn.

ohhhh, Calamintha that stuff is :drool:

cookworm, I’ve done a feather & fan pattern, in the dreaded homespun. And I really liked it. With the responses I’ve gotten I think maybe I was wrong in my post. I guess I have done lace before :oops: oops, I didn’t know that some of the stuff I’ve done was considered lace projects. Actually feather and fan was the second project I did, (I made a lapghan).

Maybe I should have stuck with the I want to knit with lace weight yarn. For some reason I haven’t really branched out in terms of yarn weight. I pretty much stick with worsted or DK weight yarns, with a little bit of dabbling in heavy worsted. :shrug:

jodstr2, I love the branching out pattern. I am planning on making that for a charity event and they are going to raffle it off. Hopefully to raise money for a prison ministry program that my mom is involved in. They go into the prison for the weekend (sleeping in hotels or army barracks at night) and they work with the women or men in the prison. Many of the prisoners are in for life sentances, so they’re not doing it to look good for the parole board.

Thank you all for your responses. I can’t tell you all how much I appriciate this board and all of the people on it. It’s very refreshing in this day & age to see a place of such positive attitudes and helpfulness for totally unselfish reasons. Believe me when I say, there are definately days when just reading the posts on this board and the positive/humerous/helpful comments made by people here have saved my sanity.

In my job I see a lot of negativity/horrible things and I check this board every break and lunch period to reboot. [size=6][color=red]Really thank you everyone. [/color][/size] You never know when that humerous little comment or :roflhard: <— smiley icon will help someone get through the hard/frusterating/exhausting times.

I don’t know if you want to knit a scarf, but I’m knitting this - http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTbranchingout.html right now, and it’s turning out really nice. It’s all lacey and pretty. I don’t know if it will fit your particular yarn or not, but it sure is cute!

EDIT: Ah jeez somebody already beat me to it :teehee: Oh well. It’s still cute.