Want to Knit a Fast Purse

What self-respecting knitter can go around wearing a store-bought purse, right?!? Right! Well, I don’t have one, so I’m looking for a pattern right now. Share one if you like.

This sounds like a stupid question, but should it be lined in fabric? I think so, or I can see my lipstick falling right through a stitch. Do you just sew it on the sewing machine as usual? Any tips on that? I would assume a large stitch length and loose tension would be needed.

I want to this one next for me I think it is so very cute. http://www.cogknition.org/patterns/quinn/

I have only ever made one other bag and it was felted I didn’t add a liner but I would have liked to but since it was kinda a practice bag I didn’t. I wouldn’t add it to the blue bag but that is just me but if I ever do a felted one again I would line it just so I can add a bunch of pockets.

You sound like me, I’m ALLLLLLLLLLL about pockets (in purses, pants, etc.) My husband already knows if it’s got pockets, I’ll LOVE it! :wink:

I’m thinking I’ll felt it, and I posted here about it. I’ve never done it before.

That one IS cute though!

Since you’ve felted before maybe you can tell me…there’s no sense doing any cables or any sort of detail right? Because it will not be noticeable after it’s felted?

I have made several felted purses and I don’t line them – mostly cause my sewing machine was ruined when my basement flooded. Also because I can’t wait to either gift or use my bags!

I just got a great book of purse patterns so I can make the entrelac Market bag for the March KAL. There are several patterns I want to make so this may be the year of the purse for me.

[color=darkblue]Bags: A Knitter’s Dozen[/color]

Hope this helps!


I just finished a bag myself and I did add a fabric liner; just some 100% cotton fabric, double thick. I sewed it on the machine which worked very well, provided that I sewed with the fabric part facing up. When I went to put in the zipper with the knitted side facing up, I had some problems here and there with the presser foot getting stuck on knitting loops. With the knitted side down, I had a little bit of trouble with the knitted side snagging a bit on the feed dogs, but you might be able to sew this with the feed dogs down (I’m not 100% sure about that, though).

I didn’t adjust my tension or stitch length at all, and I had good results…I was pretty pleased. I don’t know if any of the information I listed helps, but good luck!

i’ve made a few of this pattern:


knits up super fast with one skein and is a simple enough bag to go with everything.

I don’t know if you’d like it, but I’m going to knit this purse up as one of my very next projects–it will go with the shawl I just made BEAUTIFULLY–I’m so excited!!! :woot: I list this purse pattern for you because it’s knit with Lion Brand Thick and Quick Wool Ease, which is a super bulky yarn, so it should work up pretty quickly (9 sts per 4"). Although I’m tempted to line this purse when I finish it for the same reason you list (stuff falling out in between the stitches!), I’m not sure that it would need a lining. First of all, the yarn lists size 13 (9mm) needles as the usual needle for gauge, but the pattern says you are to use 10.5 (6.5mm) needles (or whatever works to your gauge) to knit it, so the stitches will be pretty tight, which should minimize the risk of losing things through the stitches. Secondly, the way the purse wraps around the handles, I’m not so sure it would be possible to knit a lining that would fit it properly. So that would shorten the time spent making the purse too if you didn’t have to worry about putting in a lining. Just a humble suggestion.

You wouldn’t have to line a felted bag unless you wanted to, but I think it would give it a finished look. If it’s not felted I would think lining would be best because you don’t want anything to poke through or tear at the yarns from the inside.

I have these in my pattern folder.
Elizabeth Bag - it’s the big sister version of Sophie
Kristina Bag
Lucca Fair Isle Purse

I’ve felted a few tote bags and I did not line them. But I have knit a few handbags that I did line with beautiful fabrics. I am a Quilter so the lining is half the fun for me. :cheering:

I did the fabric lining all by hand. I did not use my sewing machine. I find with the hand stitching I have much more control of it than sewing it by machine.

Try This It seems like what you’re looking for.