Want to join us?

My BRB (Best Ravelry Buddy) and I are going to begin the EADONcardigan on about January 15.

I haven’t even swatched yet. 1) I’ve wound my hanks of yarn. 2) I’ve read all of the other Eadon knitter’s notes, and looked at photos of their projects. It really pays in spades to read what other’s have to say about a project!

Anyway, we won’t be hosting an official KAL for it, but we will be collaborating with one another,
knitting it together at the same time.

Do you want to join us for this sweater? I am ARTLADY over at Ravelry. Shoot me a message.

The pattern is available at Twist Collective. Here is the link.

And here is the Ravelry page.

I think it’s a very easy pattern. The cables are simple. You shouldn’t be new to working with cables, but if you’ve successfully worked with cables of any kind in the past, you’ll feel very comfortable with this pattern.

It uses worsted yarn, so the sweater will knit up quickly! Cascade 220 would be a great yarn, being good quality, but not too spendy. I’m using Mirasol Akapana. Click here for my project page. I fell in love with this dark chocolate tweedy yarn, but I think any worsted yarn would create a beautiful look. The attractive aspect isn’t the yarn used, it’s the long, graceful line and the elongated cabling.

[B]BONUS![/B] No buttonholes, no button bands, no collar! Weeeeee!

Here is part of the comments:
“The garment’s long lines flatter a wide range of body types. Although it is designed to fit loosely, you can make the fit more body conscious simply by selecting a smaller size. It is intended to be worn open, perhaps closed with a pin or a belt.”