Want to felt a hat but don't want the edge to flare... how?

I made a hat for my son and felted it and the opening flared, so it looks more like a Gilligan hat than a skull hat, if that makes sense. It was just a rolled brim hat before it was felted.

My husband wants a felted hat but I’m new enough to knitting that I can’t solve this one on my own yet. I am thinking a ribbed edge or a moss edge might be helpful, or doing the first few rows in a smaller needle size, or even increasing after a few rows. ?? Would any of these work? Is there a simple solution? :thinking: Thanks!

I think that generally, using a ribbing or seed stitch or any stitch pattern other than stockinette when felting is unnecessary because the patterns themselves don’t show up once felted, but in this instance a ribbed edge might just do the trick. You wouldn’t end up with the rolled edge, pre-felting, and would probably not end up with a flared edge post-felting. That’s what I would do anyway.

i would NOT go with the different size needles or increase idea though. my favorite felted hat pattern suggests doing just that for a better roll to the roll brim hat. i think the ribbing would probably work just right.