Want To "Duplicate" A Bought Poncho

[color=red][b]I recently purchased a what I believe is a knit poncho (as opposed to crocheted) … it is a pull over style with a loose neck, more of a cowl I guess … you can pull it up over your head in BC rain but it doesn’t look all that great (my daughter has a name for it but it’s too obscene to post … it embarrasses her to death when I do this) … it’s not a stocking or garter stitch, rather a small type of openwork … going by my little “learn to knit” Wal Mart booklet, it could be a moss stitch or a trinity, it isn’t just plain knitting … when I lay it out flat, it appears to be made in two large 35"x50" sections and sewn together, the seams being down the sides along the shoulders … the cowl is 11" x 13" and has one seam so it looks like it was knitted straight, like a scarf, sewn up at the back to make a tube, then somehow sewn to the poncho and it turns down a couple of times … it is a flimsy type of flecked brown/lighter brown … 84% acrylic/14% polyester/2% nylon … I saw the stuff in Michaels but didn’t take note of the brand.

I have had so many compliments on it … in fact my girlfriend and the receptionist at my hair salon love it in fact the receptionist has gone so far as to threaten to take it every time I take it off and she has to hang it up … I see her walking away stroking it … :lol: I figure if I could learn how to make one I could give them their own so they wouldn’t feel the unbridled need to covet mine … anyone know of an easy pattern for a newbie/dummy to try? Must have a cowl, or a turtleneck that one could (I guess) adapt and make larger? Is that possible?


Hi Toby,

Your description sounds like it would be fairly simple & straightforward…

Here’s a link to many [size=6][color=blue]poncho patterns[/color][/size] that you could look through to try to find something similar.

Have fun!