Want to do a different heel....but how?


I am working on this sock, and the heel is hell. This is such crap. :lol: The heel I WANT to do is, I think, called a french heel. (the heel that amy does in her sock video) How would I do that in this pattern? I’m working the heel with 36 sts.

This is my standard heel. I knit the number of rows as there are stitches on my heel needle. So, if you have 30 stitches that you are workign for the heel flap, knit 30 rows for the heel flap.

I will also either knit one row, purl one row (stockinette stitch) or s1K1 across the first row, P the next row and repeat this pattern. This makes a raised kind of heel that I find to be stronger.

Also, one tidbit of advice, is slip the first stitch of every row so that when you pick up your stitches forr the gusset, they are easier to see.



Hi YarnMommy,

After you’ve worked the heel flap to your desired length, try this on your 36 stitch heel flap in order to turn the heel:

Starting on the purl side, slip 1, purl 19, P2Tog, P1, TURN

Slip 1, K5, K2Tog, K1, TURN

Slip 1, P6, P2Tog, P1, TURN

Slip 1, K7, K2Tog, K1, TURN

Slip 1, P8, P2Tog, P1, TURN

Slip 1, K9, K2Tog, K1, TURN

Slip 1, P10, P2Tog, P1, TURN

Slip 1, K11, K2Tog, K1, TURN

Keep going in this way (always working one more stitch than before) until all the stitches on the heel flap have been worked.

Hope it helps.