Want to confirm I understand the pattern

Hey everyone - I’m new to the site, so, hi!

I have been knitting since I was a teenager, but I only ever knitted afghans, baby blankets, and things like that. I decided to try my first sweater recently. I understand almost all the instructions, and can do the stitches. (Here is the pattern: http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/swedropstpull.htm

I think that I understand what the pattern is telling me to do, but I wanted to run it past some experienced knitters to be sure.

The pattern says: (I got a clarification on the number of stitches - it’s 22, not 18, as published on the website)

(Neck Shaping)
Cont in pat as est, work 22 sts, place center 34 sts on holder, attach another ball of yarn. Complete row over rem 22 sts. Working both sides at once, work WS even. Dec 1 st at each neck edge, every other row 4 times on RS rows. Cont in pat as est until piece measures same as Back.
BO 22 sts across each shoulder as if to purl.

Here is what I think this means:

Once I get to the part where I shape the neck, I should work row 1 of the pattern for 22 stitches. Then, I should put 34 on a holder. I should finish the last 22 stitches on my left needle in the same pattern and color, but using another ball of yarn.

Here is the question:
I should then continue knitting those two groups of 22 stitches on the wrong side of the pattern (the holder row, there, was the right side) as though the pattern had remained unchanged. [B]I do not knit the pieces on the holder. [/B]

Or, is it that I do knit the pieces on the holder, too?

On the right side of the row, I decrease a stitch at each neck edge = 2 stitches per row. I do this on four right side rows. When I alternate with wrong side rows, see above.

Then I bind off 22 stitches on each end. I leave the remaining however many on a holder, not bound off, because that’s where I’m attaching the collar, once I knit it.

Am I right? Or what did I miss?

Thanks everyone in advance for your help - I was so relieved to find this resource, as I don’t know anyone else who knits since my grandmother passed away!

You’ve got it right. And no, you don’t touch the sts on the holder, until later when it tells you to. When you bind off, however, it won’t be 22, because you’ll have decreased by 4 sts each side before reaching this point. I think this is where your 18 sts comes in.

Fantastic - thanks so much! And, you were right about the 18 - the only thing I don’t like about knitting is that it involves arithmatic, which I often goof up on. :slight_smile: (I actually use a little calculator at home. … how embarassing!)

But when you follow the pattern as you knit along, you don’t need any math beyond counting to see that you end up with what the pattern says. It’s only when a knitter tries to work it out in their head that it sometimes gets confusing.