Want a lengthwise knitted scarf to curl-How?

I want to knit a scarf, lengthwise, and I’d like the long edges (sides) to curl, but not the short edges (ends). Would I just do a garter stitch border on each end (start and end each row with a few knit stitches), or would that be necessary, since I’m knitting lengthwise? :??

so basically you want the scarf to curl in like a big long tube right? i would think it wouldn’t work very well if you made a garter stitch border on the sides…wouldn’t lay quite right i think…i think that if you just do the stockinette lengthwise it should curl in just fine. maybe i am not thinking right but that is what i am thinkin’.

That’s what I was thinking, too, BrendaJo. I just wasn’t sure how the ends would do. It does make sense now that you mention it, that having those first few stitches knit on each end would affect it’s ability to curl down the sides, though.

I saw a scarf on tv rececntly (Gilmore Girls rerun) that curled in on the sides and I thought it looked really neat. However, upon reflection, I’m thinking now that maybe it wasn’t stockinette, but ribbed. Shoot! I wish I could see that episode again! :?eyebrow: