Want a Fun Sweater

One of the things that made me decide I was a knitter was that I connected with another knitter who mailed me yarn from her stash.

I decided that put me over the top :roflhard:

Anyhow… I want a pattern to knit a sweater. She sent me one but it is too… old for me.

Specs: I’m 30 y/o, mom of two… so some thing classy but still a wee bit spicy… Wicked looked good, but I am 6 feet tall, and patterns like that make me feel very conspicuous…

This is the best wool I have: 12 skeins of DK with Wool it says on the label:
31 rows, 22 sts to 10 x 10 cm tension, needle size US 4- 6, (for me, 3 1/2 mm to 4 mm) Aprox 150 metres.

I am having a lot of anxiety with this wool. It was shipped over from England and I don’t want to mess it up! :oops:

It is a pale Robin’s Egg blue… very pretty and soft!

And unfortuneately, I don’t have time to go hunting, I’ve already ate up my puter time this morning!

What about the Wicked would make you feel conspicuous? Do you want a cardigan or pullover?


The neckline… I am a broad person with football type shoulders, so I would feel like the boat neck line would really stand out…

I think pull-over is my instinct… but cardigans are practical… I just don’t know…

This wool is starting to “haunt” me :lol: I think I am aiming for too much perfection or something.

I have not cable knitted yet, but that doesn’t really worry me too much…

I was looking at it today and thought vest or lacey…

Maybe Eiffel from Knitty? Would that work with DK weight yarns?

See if one of these might work for you. I made the pullover that is on the front page and I have a cardigan pattern I haven’t made yet. I like the patterns, easy and well written.


ETA…I just realized you said “fun” sweater. Not sure those are fun. :shrug:

What about the patterns featured at Knit and Tonic? I’m older than you, and those sweaters appeal to me. You can alter the V or cowl necks to show less skin.

I’m also broad through the shoulders and casted on for the Wicked sweater–by bringing attention to my wide shoulders, Wicked will make my waist appear slimmer, and give me more of an hour-glass shape.

\ /
/ \

I love the patterns on Knit and Tonic for other projects…

:teehee: I think I am looking for the grail here! I’m going to keep on searching.

IN the meantime, I need to finish my brother’s other slipper, and my mother’s sweater. The sweater knits up fast, I can do part of it a night. But I am feeling very crappy and (here’s how you know I am not feeling well at all) I don’t feel like knitting today!

I think this is getting there. It’s the right gauge as the wool, and would look good with various items in my closet.

Do you think it would look weird if I extended the body of it a fair bit? I always run into the issue that things end up about 2 inches too high. And I would have to lengthen it in the chest area too, so my 12 skeins would likely be the just right amount…