Wanna try pattern but don't know CO number

Hi, I’m wanna try this half pattern, so I count the symbol and CO with that number. Nothing happen in the first row but when i work almost the end of row 2, i have less stitches. I think that happenned because i miss count. Please help? I got this pattern from pinterest and no further explaination (the legend, etc)

Wait, why the image i uploaded doesn’t appears?

What is the name of the pattern?
Did you use the landscape icon in the center top of the Reply box? The photo may not have loaded because it was too large. One hundred to 200 kb seems to work well.

Did you meant the landscape for preview? I did, but the pic still doesn’t appears. It’s under 200kb
The pattern Called frost flowers

Maybe this version?

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Ah, thankyou! That is it

There’s also a chart here:

It should work for 34 sts + 2 with the 34sts being the repeat. Sometimes the problem is a skipped yarn over.


This is the pattern
I found it a bit different from both pattern you sent me. The decrease in this pattern using double decrease, maybe? I don’t know. Not familiar with the symbol

I see ssk and k2tog decreases but no double decreases. I might have missed them. Can you give row and stitch number for the symbol?

Row 1, stitch 5, so thats k2tog symbol? I thought that was right leaning double decrease. When i tried that chart, i knit 3 together everytime i meet that symbol. Maybe That’s why i had fewer stitches on the end of the row?

Yes, that’s a symbol for a right leaning decrease like a k2together. It decreases one stitch. Along the row the number of decreases equals the number of yarn overs with no double decreases. That certainly can explain the stitch count. Good luck with the pattern which is beautiful and worth working out.

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Thank you for your help. It is clear now :blush:

Yeah I couldn’t get it figured out either. I tried several times Sometimes the yo’s can get a little tricky. And some of the patterns are not always correct either.

But good luck and hope it turns out well for you

Well, thank you! Will, update a picture after i finish it

You’re welcome. Would love to see a picture when you finish :blush: