Wanna scare your hubby?

I just saw a listing for over 1000 skeins of yarn for sale on ebay. If you search yarn, then mixed lots, it’s on the first page. It ends in about four hours.

WOW… okay DON’T show me things like that when the mortgage is due tomorrow!!! :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:shock: oooh, shame on you! I have somehow been able to avoid ebay lately, but I had to see the lot you mentioned. That is enough yarn to keep anyone busy for a LONG time!

I worry that may be in my future if I keep up the yarn purchases at my current pace!


there is the link. Don’t worry… it is local pick up only so the temptation will only be for a select few!

It’s in New Orleans, LA…I know we have quite a few KHers in that general area! Maybe someone will hit the jackpot.

:shock: CRIKEY! :shock:

I’m not above driving to New Orleans… done it many many times now… :shock:

i can’t wait till i have a collection like that!!! :cheering:

:shock: :shock: New Orleans is only 500 miles from me. ROAD TRIP!

ohhh Yarn Heaven!!! :inlove:

For 20 cents a skein, it coud be worth it :slight_smile:

How long is the drive from Southern California to NOLA?

For 20 cents a skein, it coud be worth it :)[/quote]
I don’t care how you spin it… no road trip is worth Red Heart. :oo:

yeah there is no chance i would bid on that auction with that rating and not being able to actually see any of the yarn. and i am pretty sure that even if i wanted to drive all the way to NO i couldn’t fit all those crates in my hyundai anyway…lol

Yeah, there does seem to be an abundance of Red Heart. Bummer.

Besides, if I bought it, then I wouldn’t be able to buy any NEW yarn. That would totally suck. LOL

isn’t it great how we can all say how bad the yarn sucks since none of us won it??? :slight_smile: I love America!

No, but what a terrific buy for a group knitting for charity!

31 cents a skein. AND all those yarn containers.
I am a little bummed.

But not as bad as I was for missing an auction for 8 POUNDS of white angora spinning fiber, for $60. I bid and all, but got sniped at the end. whine

ARRGH… I HATE getting sniped on ebay.