Wanna know what *I* got for Valentine's Day?

I have the best husband ever. I didn’t ask for them, I didn’t hint for them… I just (once) casualy mentioned I wanted them. Of course he had to decided between these and Motley Crue tickets… so I am still debating on if he made the right choice :twisted:


dang! everyone’s husband’s seem so in tune to their needle needs… except mine!!! he’s just like " what do you need more junk for, don’t you have enough!" sheesh! lucky you!!! :smiley:

nuno, you sure do have a wonderful husband. Lucky for you that he remembered what you wanted and you only mentioned it ONCE!

Happy Valentines to you and enjoy those needles.

Now think of something for your birthday or sweetest day.

Wow, good job by your hubby Nuno. That’s really sweet of him to be so attentive to the things that you like and would like to have. I’m sure Motley Crue will be next :smiley:

Our 20th anniversary is in 2 weeks. Maybe I should have your husband talk to my husband. Lol. Have fun with them!

very cool… congrats!.. if your Hubby is going to talk to BrightSpot’s hubby maybe he can help my boyfriend out too… last year for christmas i got 2 mythology books… they were like school text books…i dont like mythology enough to even think of looking at them at a store…why would i want them?.. turns out he got a mythology computer game so the books were a Homer gift… :roll: so if your hubby can teach my boyfriend we can think of it as “hubby training” for him lol… :smiley: