Wanna help me pick colors?

I have two more felted Booregons to buy wool for. I’m thinking I’m going to use WOTA this time. Would you care to help me pick colors?

Here is the link to the WOTA colors. And, here is a link to the last bag I knit. I want to make the other two in a solid color with a contrast stripe at the top & handles of two different colors, or do the tweedy thing again.

Your color selection of your 1st bag was stunning … YOU need to help US with colors!


that bag is fabulous!!!

I have felted one bag with evergreen, hyacinth, and cranberry (I think on the second two, fern is definite) , and I have the larger one on the needles in fern and pumpkin. The fern and pumpkin was accidental, but I just LOVE that combination and I think I would like it with carrot or iron ore. My next WOTA bag is set to be the same as the pic only in snickerdoodle, hyacinth, hollyberry, and fern (I think again, I was “commissioned” on that bag and I lost the list!)

:inlove: wow Julie, that’s a gorgeous bag :inlove: !!!

ok - solid color w/ contrasting stripe at top & 2 color handles, I’d consider:

  • brights -
    tulip-winter night
  • not so brights -
    mulled wine-hyacinth
    mulled wine-mist
    violet-winter night

I’d personally go hog wild with the WOTA colors - make 3- and 4-color combos:
violet-blue bonnet-blueberry-mist
maple syrup-chocolate-fern-stream
cherry blossom-violet-hollyberry-coal
maple syrup-carrot-daffodil-tomato
hyacinth-evergreen-daffodil-iron ore
tulip-winter night-asparagus-coal

omg, the possibilities are endless. do you have the WOTA color cards?

I think Jodi pretty much covered and and all combos! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I look at handpainted yarns and pull solid colors from them. I don’t mean that you need to use the handpainted-----it is just that they have a way of mixing colors I might not have thought of on my own.

Wow!!! Thanks, ladies!!!

Jodi … I’m going to take your list and fiddle around with that a bit. I’m not opposed to three colors, just hadn’t thought of it. :wink: Oooo … this is getting exciting … a new Knitpicks order!!! :happydance:

Oh, and, no, I don’t have the color cards, but I’m going to have them add some to this next order.

Margie –

That’s a good idea … I have some more Noro Kureyon #95 (?) here that I was planning on “tweeding” in on the next one w/ either pink or green, but I also like your idea of checking out the handpainted ones – I could pull some ideas from that Karaoke yarn. Woo hoo!

Mary, I know what you mean. I don’t know if it’s hand painted but I fell in love with Kureyon a long time ago and their combos are excellent. some seem so off the wall but they work really well. I use Kureyon for my bags, and pick solids to go with them the way you said.

boyforpele: pumpkin and fern sound awesome together :heart:! very earthy and autumnal. maybe put some gold or copper beads on that! yummy :smiley: :heart:!

good luck Julie - anxious to see more of your bags :thumbsup: :smiley: !

I wanna see an Avocado-Daffodil-Carrot!!

I am making one with Mulled wine and mist (when the mist arrives) Sooooo excited :slight_smile:

Have you done bags with two strands of WOTA held together before? I’m only asking because I just did one and it shrank up waaaaaay more than I expected…I think I didn’t use a big enough needle though (I used a #13).
Also, when I got my WOTA order, I was quite surprised. The colors were much more vivid than I expected and some of the color combos I hoped to use were not going to work because of that.

That said, on my overly-shrunken booga, I did winter night and mist together for a tweedy look on most of the bag, a solid stripe of winter night along the top and mist for the straps. It turned out really nicely, color-wise.

I have to agree with Kelly - I think a daffodil/carrot/avocado would be lovely.

I vote for hyacinth with a daffodil stripe :thumbsup:



Not really … I love all the suggestions. I was curious about Avocado/Daffodil/Carrot. So, I did a Random Stripe Generator on it. Here’s one iteration that I liked:

Or maybe switching the daffodil & carrot in that.

When I have more time, I’m going to run some of the other suggestions through as well. Oh, and I came up with Hush and Violet.

Currently, I have yarn to make a bag in Lamb’s Pride Khaki (w/ actually looks Sagey to me) and Rosado Rose. I think I’ll do some Fibonacci Stripes with those.

dana, my bag above was with 2 strands of WOTA on #13’s. I actually would’ve liked it to shrink up a bit more and I had to completely remake the strap. You can always do a test swatch, knit and felted to make sure you get the results you’re wanting.


OK … with the help of all you wonderful people, I’ve come up with some colors from Knitpicks that I want to run by you. They are Hollyberry, Blueberry, Violet, Daffodil and Hyacinth, and here are my thoughts – Keeping in mind that I’ll be holding 2 strands together throughout: I would like to take Hyacinth and run it throughout the bag w/ a solid strip of it in the middle & as one of the knit cords on the top, and then combine one strand of the other colors with the Hyacinth for a number of rows (15 or so?) and then switch out that one color for another & continue on w/ the Hyacinth. Does this make sense?

So, here is a little sampler picture w/ all the colors together so you can get an idea of what I’m aiming for. What do you think?

OOH! That will be both different AND GAWGEOUS!

Do those color representations look accurate to you? To me, the Blueberry looks very “Teal-y,” and I like that. Does it look like that in real life, too??

Oh, and when someone tells me that something is “different,” well, sometimes that just means … not so good. :?eyebrow: Please be honest about the colors … I don’t wanna give someone a fugly bag. :wink:

Um…did ya see the “AND GAWGEOUS” part? :lol:

How about UNIQUE? :thumbsup:

Yeah…the blueberry is a smidge teal-y. It’ll look GREAT!

OK, OK, I just had to make sure you weren’t just being polite. But I should’ve known better. :roflhard: :roflhard:


I think it’s going to be great!

I really like the hollyberry and blueberry with the hyacinth running through it all, and if I were doing two bags I’d do the other with the hyacinth base and the violet mixed with hyacinth on the bottom and the daffodil mixed with hyacinth on the top, plain hyacinth middle, and play around with the straps!

One of these days I’ll have to make one for ME!!!

Happy Knitting (and ordering) :XX: :XX: