Wally World cheap bamboo circulars

Now that I’m done being embarrassed for misreading another post…:aww: I know not everyone shops at Wal-Mart, but for those who do, ours has bamboo circulars, size 8 only, 16" only, for $2.44. I’ve been making tons of chemo caps and find them handy. The joins are a little rough, but for that price there’s plenty of Teflon plumbers’ tape around. I haven’t tried the 10" straight bamboo needles they carry yet.

I also forgot to get the roll of weedwacker line so I could make my own maple circulars (sigh). I miss my mind since it went away :teehee:

I stopped in one of mine last week after I read about the price, but they only had the straight ones, no circs. And $2.44 was for the smaller sizes, it was about a dollar more for the larger ones. Will have to checkout the other one in town.

I noticed them Sat. when I was there. Kind of bummed me out because I needed the circs for sleeves and had to order them online. Six bucks for circs and 6 for shipping. Would have cost a lot less if I hadn’t been in a hurry. Now my order hasn’t gotten here yet and I could have been knitting already if I’d waited.