Walker's Treasury

Hi there :slight_smile:

I found out today that I won £50 on my premium bonds and while I should, I know, use it to do things like buy food and so on, I’ve been looking at the Treasury project web page for the last couple of weeks and wishing I had the money for the books. I prefer to design my own things, so having those kind of stitch patterns to hand would prove massive inspiration, I’m sure.

But, here’s the question… which ones? Since they seem to start at £19 on amazon.co.uk, I can only afford 2, and want them all. I particularly like organic designs, like cables that seem like tree branches, and lace designs that look celtic. So, anyone have any suggestions? Argh!

Fi xxx

I haven’t seen 3 or 4, but 1 and 2 are extensive to the point of being a bit overwhelming! (I own 1, and I’m the knitting guild librarian, so I have access to 1 and 2.) So I’d say start wherever you please.

I have 1 & 2, too…I LOVE THEM! As a matter of fact, they were gifted to me for my bday and Christmas by Amy (horve1) who was my 1st swap partner, I gave to her…we have since become the very best of friends…that’s the best part of swaps, the gifts of friendship…I digress…I can’t wait to get the others! I know that book 3 is all charted st. patterns, I’m not sure if book 4 is or not.
I love these books so much! Especially because they are produced by Schoolhouse Press (Meg Swansen) and she will give you permission to use st patterns in your designs if you email and ask and then ask that you state in your pattern where the st pattern came from.
you know … weird as it sounds, all st. pattern books don’t allow this…and duh, they are the same st patterns! I know that the 365 perpetual Knitting St. Pattern Calendar doesn’t allow you to use them in patterns, or so it states on the calendar (unless I completely misunderstood, which is so possible, LOL!).
Bethany! Had I known you didn’t have all of them, i would have gotten at least one of them during our swap!

You’ve just given me an idea for something to put on my birthday list that my mom’s been hounding me about!

Right now:
Number 1 because it has lots of the basics, and more.
Number 2 because it’s the biggest, fattest and most varied–great value for the money.

For when you win the lottery:
Number 3 because all the patterns are charted – a departure from the others.
Number 4 just to fill out the set.

Thanks so much guys, definitely going to go for 1 and 2, now to track them down…

I thought I had a Treasury book of Barbara Walker’s but I noticed the title is Charted Knitting designs and all the designs are in chart form. There is everything in there from textured design, trwisted stitch, cables, lace, mosiac. I have used it for many projects. You might be interested in this book.:star: