Wal Mart Ditching Knitters

It looks like Wal Mart, at least the one here, doesn’t want the knitter’s business any more. I just got back from there and was complaining about the lack of selections regarding yarn, which was more pathetic than usual for them.

The clerk who was stocking the shelves told me that it’s far more than they will have in a couple of more months. She said that they are scaling it down and will only have four feet of shelf space dedicated to yarn. Four feet!

I told her that I supposed that’s just one more reason for me to stop shopping there. I really wish I had the resources to open a yarn shop here in town. We don’t have a single one, not even a Jo Ann’s. I’d make a killing.

Wal Mart could close their doors tomorrow for all I care now. They don’t want my business any more.

Amen brother!

I agree with you and stay away from Walmart as much as possible. I know there are die-hard Wallyworld people but as a former sewing room worker and Rose’s employee, it’s terrible to watch a single company cut out competitors only to bring pricing back up. Manufacturers also produce products for Walmart at lower quality values to meet their demand. Mary

I just finished reading a book called The Wal-Mart Effect. I’ve shopped at Wal-Mart for years and never really thought about it. But after reading this book, I will NEVER shop there again. EVER. It’s been 2 months since I have been in one of their stores and I cringe every time I drive by one. :gah:

The yarn section at my closest wal-mart is about the same size. They’ve added lion wool, chennille and something else, but got rid of some of the super bulky yarn they carried.

While I do agree with some things in that book, it’s quite heavy on spin and isn’t entirely accurate on a lot of points. You have to take a lot of it with a huge grain of salt. But I do agree that in many ways Wal Mart is not always good for the local economy.

My closest store hasn’t changed much; a larger store opened up on the other side of town last year and it never did have as much yarn and fabrics as the one closer to me.

They just remodeled the one in town, and cut the yarn section waaaay back. But the one on the other side of us hasn’t been redone at all, and they still have their full yarn/material/craft section.

A huge grain of salt? so a Deer lick then? seriously, there are some things that I still go to my local wally world for, but yarn isn’t one of them, ours already only has a 4 foot selection.

Sad that they are scaling down on yarn…I think Walmart gets a bad rap because the workers unions have a propoganda campaign against them… Walmart provides goods at an affordable price for a broad base of consumers…Walmart has been given credit for keeping inflation down… competition is good for the economy and good for consumers… that may not be able to shop at “higher priced stores”… have you heard about their $4 prescription program…?

I agree Wal Mart isn’t [B]all[/B] bad, but having done business with them in the past (not just being a customer) I can say that their business practices leave a lot to be desired. I swore that I would never conduct business with them ever again.

The issue with Walmart isn’t just how they treat their employees, but also how they treat their vendors. They make demands on them to downsize packaging (ever notice yarn skeins getting smaller?) in order to keep pricing lower. That’s just one of several issues.

I do shop there, but not very much; only a few things I buy there regularly. They’re good for dropping off plastic bags in the recycle bin though…

Some of their unreasonable demands is why I refuse to do any further business with them.

I have not liked WalMart for a long time due to their employment practices, and due to how they treat their vendors (I work for one) I like them even less. And now the downsizing of the craft section.

Walmart will see a downturn … it will not always be happy days in Wa-La-Land

I’ll admit, I used to shop at Walmart for just about everything. Then just over a year ago a light went on and I said enough. I just can’t stand the lack of quality (got spoiled food more than once) and the over grossness (not a word, I know) of the place in general. I just quit going there and you know what, I don’t notice a change in my spending habits which means I find the same things at my supermarket or drugstore for the same price. If I never go into another Walmart again it will be too soon.

Wal Mart can be useful for some people I’m sure, but I avoid going there as much as I can. I don’t like the way they treat employees, and I don’t like their business practices.

They have this new program called “bought in Quebec” to make people believe they are buying local products… But often, it’s actually products made outside of Canada, that are bought by a local intermediary, which in turn sell them to Wal-Mart. :wall:

That’s pretty typical of the shady practices they use. Just barely on this side of legal.

According to my WSJ the other day, they already are seeing a downturn:

I don’t shop at Walmart for a myriad of reasons, what I have read in books, what I have seen them do to communities, what I have seen in documentaries ( Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price is EXCELLENT) and my brother’s personal work experience with them.

They won’t go out of business, but they will have to stop this massive growth soon, or face issues.:cheering:

Yep, our local (CA Gold Country) WM recently finished a remodel and really scaled down the yarn section and crafts in general. Living in a small area, the knitting supplies are very limited. I’ve resorted to online shopping and been very happy with that.

They are getting rid of their fabric dept. too. I don’t even bother to go in there anymore. I use to LOVE to buy fabric and yarn when I went in for other things. Now I buy my other things at other stores.