Wait wut?

So I’m looking at this- the cables and garter finished and completed- and I’m looking at the part where the k2,p2 is added on… And I’m like… Wait what? Can someone better explain how I’m adding this on? I want to make sure it’s right and I’m not sure how to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Link: http://www.ladylifehacks.com/beautiful-knit-scarf-free-pattern/

Whut is right!

Looking at the picture (and ignoring reference to elastic in the directions), you need to pick up stitches in the finished edge around the scarf, joining for working in the round when you get back to your starting point.(And thus closing up the hole there.)

Amy has a free video in the tips section on how to do this.

(Not to make it more confusing, but I would also be having you increase stitches in the k2,p2 part as you go around curves to help it lay flat. That could be the reference to crossing over the yarn on slanted edges, but again … whut?)

It looks like she took this from a European social network, so likely was in a different language and didn’t translate that well.

Popsicle sticks… So I need a circular needle most likely…right?

Yes, the way to do this is on a circular.

Thanks for sharing~!