Before I embark on my wife’s Alpaca cardigan I have decided to practice some more by knitting a waistcoat for myself. I found the pattern in a charity shop and I already had the wool (not sure I would have chosen this colour, but I think it will be OK).

I like it! Good color and interesting stitch pattern. Have fun with it.

Looks great so far! I like the color!

Right front finished, other than pocket and button strip on front edge:

Looks fantastic and the cable is running so beautifully up the front edge.

Finally finished it, except for the buttons which are on order. It’s quite a tight fit but as the back is knitted entirely in rib it’s pretty elastic. If I lost a few pound it would look better. The only thing I am not completely happy with is the ribbing at top of the pockets and how the pockets show. This could be tidier I think.

wow its an awesome job well done!!

Very nice! I think the pockets look great!

The vest is very handsome, including the pockets. They worked out very well, judging from the photo. Wonderful color and excellent work!

Nice color. Look great!

lovely work! congratulations.