Waist shaping on top down cardi

Hi all

I’m going to give this one a go

but i’d like to do a bit of waist shaping, how do you do that on a top down all in one piece cardi?? I’ve never shaped anything apart from sleeves and shoulders!

Hope someone can help

It’s try on as you go, so once you get 2-3" past the armholes, try on again and see where it hits you and how much more before you begin it.

I don’t do shaping - a) I don’t have a waist, b) the sweater patterns I learned on from the 60s and eary 70s didn’t have any, and c) I knit a loose gauge with about 3" of negative ease so the sweater stretches nicely across my largish bust, but forms a natural shaping below it.

I did the top down hooded cardigan
I got Very creative with it
one of the things I did was give it a nice waist
I did decreases at set places under the arms, these were regular decreases, so they had lines to them
and had 3 places in the back on each side
I would stagger the decreases so they we less obvious
then I did increases at the same points
it fits me PERFECTLY
I am actually reluctant to put on clasps or buttons
but someday i will


There are instructions in the directions for optional side shaping.
I love Cosmicpluto! Her blog is one of my favorites to read.

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ummmm so there are! Well that’ll teach me to siim read and panic won’t it, thanks all!