Waist shaping for a cardigan

Hi, i am a relatively new knitter. Though I have knitted a few scarves and beanies, I am knitting my first cardigan. I have a question on the following waist shaping decreases instruction:

AT THE SAME TIME, work a **decrease row every 6th row 0 time(s), then every 4th row 8 times, then every 2nd row 1 time.

Can i confirm if my understanding is right?
In Stockinette st.
Ws Row 1 purl all
Rs Row 2 knit all
Ws Row 3 purl all
Rs Row 4 knit all
Ws Row 5 purl all
Rs Row 6 knit all ( do no decrease at all)

Ws Row 7 purl all
Rs Row 8 knit all
Ws Row 9 purl all
Rs Row 10 do a decrease
Repeat row 7 to 10 for another 7 more times

Ws Row 11 purl all
Rs Row 12 do a decrease

Is my understanding correct?


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Whenever you see a 0 (or a - or x) for your size, skip that direction completely and immediately go on to the next. Your pattern indicates that you should decrease every 4th row for 8 times and then on the 2nd row once.

What is the name of your pattern?

Classic cardigan by Amanda Lilley.

Thanks, so i should ignore the first 6 rows as per my listing above.

Thank you.

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Yes, that’s it exactly.