WAH! Almost got Denise's

:crying: Well I found out that hubby was at Ram Wools today and nearly got me the set of Denise’s. I hadn’t given him a specific list since in the past he’s gone to an LYS and just looked around dumbfounded and come out empty-handed. I guess he saw me eyeing up the Needlemaster set when we were at Mike’s, and was wondering if I would like the Denise’s. Apparently he was also looking at some set of circs too. The clerk offered him a gift certificate, but DH sees that as just giving cash, which to both of us it a thoughtless present {for each other}… for me a gift certificate from a place like that shows he was thinking of trying to get me something, but was totally lost! Anyway, I just wanted to cry on a few shoulders that would be totally sympathetic…

[size=1]Hmm… wonder what he did get there though?!?[/size]

How do you know he almost got them? Did he tell you that? Hope he got something good!

He told me this afternoon. Unless he’s been talking to my best friend {not unheard of in the least}, he wouldn’t have known how much I’d like an interchangable set. Like I said, he’d only seen me eyeing up the Needlemaster set, and I don’t recall saying anything about it to him then. I seriously doubt he would have even brought it up if he had gotten them… he’s not the type to drop red herrings like that.

When we were at Ram’s about a week ago picking up his sock yarn, there wasn’t really any time at all to look and feel. He may have done a bit of touchy feely while I was waiting in line. He did see me eye up the thummed mittens kits, and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned to him that I wanted one. I took a quick peek at the FT patterns, but not long enough for him to notice. I took a half-decent look at the various gift sets they had and he was right beside me as I did. He was also beside me as I asked the clerk for the bamboo dpns, and knows they would be a treat for me… Lotsa choices, I’ll find out tomorrow morning whether or not he actually bought me anything there or not! If he did, that’s a first since he’s never managed to come out of an LYS with a present for me yet!

With my DH I have to practically spell it out. LOL Not a problem this year…we aren’t exchanging gifts. Instead we are taking a trip to Vancouver Island for a week in January to meet some photography buddies. :wink:

Next time you’re in the yarn shop, you have to say, quite loudly, “Hey, I sure wouldn’t mind if someone bought me these!” every time you see something you like. Maybe he’ll get the hint! :wink:

err I have both a Boyes very slightly used set and brand new Denises for sale! :smiley:

One of my LYSs has a wish list thingy now…so if someone comes in to shop for you they know what kind of stuff you like! :happydance:


I didn’t get anything craft related for Christmas, but I am still getting my Denise’s! :cheering: I guess hubby figgered out how disappointed I was/ how much I wanted the set. He’s gonna get 'em for me out of his January commission cheque! He’ll be getting that either in a week and a half, or his following payday two weeks later. With the holidays and all, the cut-off dates for their pay submission is all screwy. I hope that it’s in a week and a half though! As of January 1st my hours have been cut back to 4 days a week, so I’ll need new needles to keep me busy with all the knitting I’ll be able to do! :smiley: :thumbsup: