Wacky Wednesday? My dog up a tree!

And not a little tree, nor a little dog. Marley is a flatcoated retriever mix. He weighs 60lbs. He bounded up there like a cat, no he did NOT use the ladder, but it’s handy that it’s there for scale. That is an 8ft ladder. He turned around and came down head first like a cat. I am so confused. I’ve heard of dogs climbing trees, but never before have one of mine done it.

Not the best pic, we’re in the middle of a snow storm, and I was upstairs thinking I’d get pics of the kids sledding (why yes we do have a mound of dirt in our backyard - great for today!) When h told me about this.

Good heaven’s look at all that snow!!! :passedout:

And the dog in the tree!!! :roflhard:

What an odd occurance! Was he chasing something? Silly dog! :roflhard:

The kids aren’t sure if it was a cat or a squirrel. I think the early snow has wigged him out!

:noway: Oh my …that is too funny!!!

Wow! :teehee:

You might have heard the following right before his assent…

[SIZE=“6”][B][I]Oh look! A squirrel?[/I][/B][/SIZE]

Nope. Drat! What could be up a tree in winter?

Perhaps a C-A-T. :nails:

Beautiful snow! (I think that because I’m not cold.) :slight_smile:

Man o man, where do you live? If it never snows here in Western Oregon again I’ll be happy. So early in the season!

We had a Lab when we lived in Wyoming that would climb up on the roof of the garage/storage area when it snowed and slide down it on her hind end. She tried to get other dogs to join in, but they didn’t get it.

She was the best.

We’re in Colorado, just north of Denver.

All that snow is gone (well, a few spots left in the shade). Today was gorgeous, and tomorrow looks like 70s :mrgreen:

I:heart::heart::heart: the snow :passedout: And your doggy looks funny on a tree:rofl:

That’s some strange weather combination you’re having!!

Naw, almost typical Colorado fall weather (I say almost because that is more snow than normal, but snow, followed by warm, is typical).