WAAAYY OT: Sudden onset of stuttering?

Does anyone here know anything about stuttering? Laura will be 3 the end of July and yesterday she started repeating syllables sometimes, mostly at the end of her words. I find it quite baffling so far :?? . She is just getting over some nasty flu virus that lasted about 4 days and then she starts talking funny. Just a few minutes ago she saw a flashlight on the counter and tried to say the word, and it came out “flash-sh-sh-light”. She wanted to watch TV earlier and she said “I want to watch-ch-ch it.” And then she wanted to lock the bathroom door when we were in there and she said " I want it lock-ck-ck it." It seems inconsistent, like sometimes she can say a certain word fine and other times she can’t. I don’t think she is doing it on purpose and I’m not even sure she’s really aware of it :thinking: . Should I be worried? Has any one heard of such a thing as stuttering coming on so fast? I have done a small bit of reading online but it han’t been a whole lot of help yet. Any help or insight is appreciated!

I’m certainly no expert, and if you’re really concerned, have it checked out, but I seem to remember my kids doing some stuttering in the beginning and at the end of words at around this age. It’s almost as if their brain is going too fast for their mouth, so the stuttering slows them down a bit and allows them to catch up. I think that sometimes it happens without their realizing it and other times they play with it because it’s fun. Don’t make a really big deal about it with her unless you want her to do it all the time, :wink: but keep track, and as I said–if you’re worried, then see a doctor. Mom knows best!

Best advise I ever got was that if something about my kids worried me to go ahead and call their dr. If nothing else It will make you feel better to hear how the nurse react. Even if it ends up just being a phase having the reassurance from your dr will do wonders for you. :thumbsup:

Big ditto to what Ingrid & Sandra said. Mom knows best, keep an eye & ear on her :wink: Please keep us informed

I don’t know much about it either, but I do know the more you pay attention (verbally) to something kids that age are doing the more they do it. Call the doctor if you are really concerned, but mostly I’d say keep quiet about it around her and just let her talk and if after a few months it’s still going on then contact a speech therapist or her physician about it.

I think you should call the doctor since she was ill recently, just to be on the safe side. It’s better than worrying. Hugs. :heart:

I would call the doctor and mention both flu and stuttering. Way better safe than sorry.

My oldest started stuttering around three, especially when he was in a hurry or excited. I ended up taking him to a speech therapist for about a year and a half, one time a week. He hasn’t had a problem with it since. One of the things we used to do when he would start stuttering was remind him to slow down. We would tell him to take a breath and then tell us what he was saying and he could usually do it fine then.

When ds#2 started stuttering a little I ended up not worrying about it right away because I had gone through it once with his big brother. I figured if it was something he would need therapy for he woul dhave it a while and it would make it difficult for him to communicate things. So far he seems to have grown out of it and he is six, but his stuttering wasn’t quite as bad as his brothers.

Check with your pediatrician. Viral illnesses can cause neurologic issues sometimes, usually temporary. So just to be safe…