Waaahhhhhh! :(

I could have probably put this over in the Knit Along forum, but I really need my fellow knitters’ moral support…

So, I’m working on Rogue, and my stitches look good (first time twisting them on purpose, etc), the bias is coming a long. Then… I get to the first row on the cable chart. I get the first side panel done, then the front, then the second side panel (left, right- it’s moot at this point), start to knit the back and whoa! Hold up, I’m two stitches short! WTH? I know I counted the correct number of cast on stitches. There’s no dropped stitches (this time), so I go back and count my cast on edge again… Yep, sure enough, I’m two stitches short.

For any of you that have bookbookbook, check out page 90, cause that’s what I did…

For more info on my Rogue woes, check here and here.

There’s pics at the first link…

This is me for the next hour-- :frog: And I really wish I had a ball winder right about now…

OH Im SO sorry…how SAD! Im sending HUGS your way!

I am so sorry. I know the pain.

On a happy note… I LOVE those shoes in your blog :heart:

ekgheiy runs over to help … :frog: and wind

uuugh, feeling your pain! :frog:
good luck on the next try.

oh no…nothing worse! I had to frog recently too. :frowning: Hope it goes better next time.

Ok, I’m two rows into Rogue, and this time I made sure that I had the right number cast on! After every 25 stitches cast on I placed a marker, and then after having what I counted to be the right amount, I spent the next half hour recounting!!! :shock:

However, I did get it going again, but didn’t get much work done on it since I had things around the house that REALLY needed me to quit ignoring, and then the season finales of Lost and Alias were on, so I vegged in front of the idiot tube last night.

Wish me luck!!!

got my fingers and toes crossed

Yep … what she said! :pray: