Anyone ever seen those videos for cats? It’s just like a half an hour film of birds. I hear cats love it. Anyone know where I can get one? (So my cats will stop playing with my yarn and watch TV instead!) :shock:

I’ve seen them at Petsmart and SuperPetz…Both VHS and DVD…

Our neighbor (we call her ‘CrazyLady’…to her face…long story, but it suits her.) Anyways, she got it from the library and just copied it for her cats. They :heart: :heart: :heart: it! OMG, it’s the funniest thing seeing her three cats sitting around the boob-tube watching hummingbirds.

We just put on Animal Planet or Dicovery for the pooches…they LOVE it, too! Acutally, our birdies perk up with all those noises, too!

OOoo what’s it called. I wanna do that too.

I have a cd for cats…it has birds in the background and is REALLY ANNOYING. But I kept it because one song is done on the guitar, and I spent a few days figuring out how to play it.