The drawstring bag I was making, had to be frogged!sob:wall::pout: I forgotsob to join on in the beginnig! I was almost done! sob

There, there…[I]Gives sugarfunpouch a tissue and a pat on the back…[/I] I know how you feel!

Aww, we all know how you feel. It helps when you stop thinking of it as “I messed up and have to rip it all out and re-knit it all” and just begin thinking of it as its own little part of the knitting process. Frogging is a part of knitting… Plus now you get to knit more!! :smiley:

Poor you! Just think of it this way: your drawstring bag is a phoenix, it has to burst into flames and disintegrate, only to rise from the ashes even more splendidly.
Meanwhile, frogging sucks! :hug:

How sweet!!! :lol:

Awww. :aww: Thanks everyone!:grphug: You are the best!:heart::blooby:

BTW:How do you do the :blooby: with the sweater?