WAAAA! Dropped Stitches!

I’m so in need of help.:cry: I dropped not only one but 2 stitches in garter stitch.

Is there anyone out there that can ride on thier white horse and save me!!!:waah:

I tried picking up the stitches but it’s harder in garter stitch than stockinette.:pout:

This video of Amy’s may help you. I am very very sympathetic as I’ve always found it hard to pick up dropped stitches correctly and rarely do. Scroll down the page and there is a vid re ‘dropped stitches’. I understand the principle but if I’m working with two yarns or fluffy mohair I inevitably don’t pick the stitch up neatly etc. Luckily half the time it doesn’t matter as such but I need to practice this more since I can rarely get it right:


Thanks! I did however finally, (after 1/2 an hour) figured it out! I started off looking like this: :hair:
I now feel like this::woot:

Dropping a stitch in garter was tougher than in stockinette. I was able to fix my many dropped stitches in st st but not in garter until now. I had to use a crochet hook to do so. Thanks for the video, I love watching all the help tools here on this site. This site has been such a life savor for me!!!

Crochet hooks are [B]the[/B] best way to pick up dropped stitches. I have quite a few and that’s about all I use them for.