I have these instructions in a hat pattern (http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall07/PATTurchin.html):

Row 1 [RS]: K to last 2 sts, W&T.

Row 2 [WS]: K to end.

Row 3 [RS]: K to last st before wrapped st of previous row, W&T.

Repeat these 2 rows 1[2, 3] times more. 3[4, 5] sts have been wrapped.

I assume W&T means a wrapped stitch, but I don’t really understand how it works in the row. Am I to wrap each of the 2 last stitches in that first row? Wrap only the next-to-last stitch and then knit the last? After I wrap a stitch, I just knit it, right?

This is such a cute hat, but I don’t think I’ll be using this designer’s patters again, since I find them kinda cryptic. But I would like to make this one, so if anyone know what I should do . . . TIA!

You only wrap around one st, turn leaving one on the needle and work the next row. Look at the videos here on short rows, and w&t is on the knitty standard abbreviations page - http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall07/patterns.html#ksbbb

“w&t - Wrap and turn. Bring yarn to front of work between needles, slip next st to right-hand needle, bring yarn around this st to back of work, slip st back to left-hand needle, turn work to begin working back in the other direction”

Thank you so much! Now I can actually start this project!

Well, I knit 2 of the (8) wedges that make up this hat, then unknit them. Since the pattern doesn’t say to break off the yarn, I assumed they’d line up in order and all be held on the (increasingly crowded) needles. I’m obviously not understanding this pattern too well. Would someone like to take a look at this?


Do I need to break off the yarn after completing each wedge and move it to a separate needle for safekeeping? I tried keeping them connected, but I got the working yarn coming from the wrong end, if you know what I mean.

I don’t think you cut the yarn. Perhaps you needed to do an extra row so the yarn would be in the right place? Rows 6, 7, and 8 are to knit all sts, then you start over again at R 1 with knit to last 2 sts, w&t.

But each wedge must start with a new CO and 1 row of knit before the official Row 1, right? Then I worked the exact number of rows in the pattern for that second wedge. Sorry if I’m being really dense about it, but I’m pretty confused (as you can see).

OR (!) am I supposed to create the 2nd wedge from all the stitches on the needle after row 8 of the first wedge? Sheesh, would it have killed the designer to include a photo or diagram of the wedges-in-progress? See, I’ve been picturing these wedges strung side by side on my needles, but the pattern does mention knitting this hat sideways. So maybe she intends for each wedge to be attched along the long side of the previous one! Is that what’s going on here? That doesn’t seem right, either. If you look at the photo, the wedges show joins between them.

Oh no, not at all… The pattern starts:

Using Crochet Cast-On or other provisional cast-on method, CO 20[22, 24] sts. K 1 row.

      Wedge: [I]Row 1 [/I][RS]: K to last 2 sts, W&T.

Then the rest of the rows for the wedge. Then it states

Repeat Wedge 7 times more, omitting [I]Rows 7 and 8 [/I]of last Wedge.
So you start where it says Wedge - Row 1, not from the CO.

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yes, I see that now. So then row 1 of wedge 2 is knit from stitches on the needle after row 8 of wedge 1, right? I’ll try that and see what happens. Thank you so much, Sue. I’m very grateful for your help.

Suzeeq, just wanted to let you know the hat came out great! Thanks again for your help. Now that I understand the pattern, I’ll probably make anoher one. This isn’t a hat for warmth, but it’s a nice spring accessory with a jacket or sweater. I also learned a skill I’m sure I’ll need again: grafting garter stitch. The one thing I would do differently is find some other provisional cast-on; the crochet chain method stinks. I’ll explore this.

Yay! Glad it worked out for you carol.