W&T (wrap & turn)

I am a pretty experienced knitter, but am asking The Forum for the best way you have found for W&T. I’m at that point in a pattern, and am not satisfied with whatever I am doing…any help or suggestions appreciated…

Hi, Paty. Is this for short rows? I currently use German Short Rows and prefer them over W&T. They show less and for me are just a little faster and easier to work. I learned about them here. I might try Shadow Wraps next time.


Whatcha knittin’?

Thanks for the reply…I’ll give those a try. I’m knitting a Sophia Sweater by Julie Weisenberger…

One quick note about w&t’s (or any method in which you’re turning your work mid-row and heading off in the opposite direction), I learned the hard way that if you’re interrupted at any time during the w&t phase, it’s best to make a note of which direction you were headed when you put your work down (i.e., “working on purls” or “on kinit side getting ready to w&t,” etc. etc.).

At least for me it was easy to lose track of what I was doing and after an interruption, it was next to impossible to figure out what I was [U]supposed[/U] to be doing.

I have been experimenting with various ways of doing W&T and I may have confused myself ( easy thing to do)…question…at the completion of the W& T directions in the pattern, should you have the same number of stitches as when you started?

I had it in my mind that this would be increasing the number of stitches, and now I think I’m wrong…

I am starting a sleeve in a sweater…I have picked up the 46 sts around the armhole, performed what the pattern tells me to do for short rows (W&T )…worked the sts until I had completed the directions to where I was supposed to just start stockinet for 6 more inches…I still have 46 sts…does this sound right?

Congratulations! You’ve got it just right! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

The idea with short rows is to add rows, not stitches, to increase the length without adding to the width. If you look at what you’ve knit you should be able to see that the sleeve you’ve started is longer at the center (top) than at the end stitches. I’ve not tried sleeves like this yet, when I get around to doing them I hope you’ll help me out.

Short rows fall in the category of I had to do it to see how it works. It sounds like they might be the same for you.

GG…thank you so much for your reply. The sleeve looked right after I had done the rows according to the pattern, but I just “second guessed” myself into thinking that I should have been adding STITCHES…WRONG!

After watching at least a dozen tutorial videos this morning, then doing the sleeve, I ripped it out, posted the question on this blog, and emailed the designer of the sweater.

Now that I’ve heard back from everyone that I did it right all along, I now get to re-do it tonight!

Thanks for your support, and don’t eat too much Easter candy!