W&T while using the JMCO method

I’m new to the JMCO method. Currently I’m using it to knit a Christmas stocking on dpn, so with this method the pattern I’m using gives you a pattern that you use on one of the needles and then duplicate on the other needle. I.E. k40sts so i do that on the front side and then 40sts on the other needle (back side). Everything was going fine until I got to the heel. The pattern says k39; w&t; p38; w&t. If I keep w&t’ing how am I ever going to get to the work on the other needle? I’m hoping this makes sense to someone, I think I got in a little over my head on this one!

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a name or a link to it?

I purchased the “Malcom’s Christmas Stocking” pattern from Mary Gildersleeve. Below is the part that I’m struggling with. If it was just in the round this would make sense to me, but since I am using the JMCO method I’m lost. I have 80 sts total on my needles.

This is the short row heel. You’re adding extra rows to shape the heel usually on about half your sts. You should then come to a point where the heel is finished and you work in the round again on all the sts. For now, let the other 40sts rest wile you work the heel.

I don’t think Judy’s Magic Cast On makes a difference at this point. That should only affect the toe of the stocking.

But if I only work on 40 sts, let’s say for instance this is the front of the stocking, then when I start back up after the heel is finished won’t the back of the stocking be short 20 rows or how ever many i had to do on the first?

Yes, it will be but that’s what gives the turn at the ankle and makes room for the heel. If you look at the Ravelry photo, the dark blue stripe across the ankle splits at the heel. The stripe pattern for the heel falls in between the two lines of that navy stripe.

It’s similar to this video. Your pattern may be slightly different but the idea of the heel is the same.

Ok, I’m still a little confused how this is all going to come together, but I will proceed by only working with 40sts (half of the 80 that is cast on my needles right now) and see how it comes together. I’m not doubting you, just can’t visualize how its going to come together once I finish the heel. I’ll check back in once I (hopefully successfully) complete this part. Thanks for your help!

It’s OK to doubt. There’s nothing like seeing it all work out in your own hands. I added a video above, probably while you were typing, that might help

Heels are mysterious, magical things. I’ve done a lot of them but they still fascinate me. The first time I did one I was like you and just couldn’t see how it would work. It does. Unless there is an error in your pattern (probably not) you’ll finish the heel and be ready to use all the stitches when you resume working in the round.

There’s something about sock knitting that some of us find addictive.

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