W&t technique

I am trying to make a toe up socks and try to start many times, but i cann’t :shrug: :?? :verysad: understand :frog: w&t and after knitting some row its go wrong .Is anybody :blooby: like to :psst: :blooby: help me in this project? Is there also have any :hiding: video with this technique.?
Waitting for replay. :x: xxx

Have a look here for pictures.

You could try youtube for videos - you’ll have to do a search.

Have you had a look at Amy’s videoon this site for short rows with wraps (just scroll down the page a bit till you see that title), she only demonstrates on a single wrap, and with socks you’ll be needing to work a double wrap, but the principle is exactly the same - took me a while to get it (actually 5 sock attempts) until I just sat with knitting in hand and followed Amy’s directions exactly. For the toes on my socks I generally use the M1 technique, and use the short rows for my heels.

I hope this helps you out, you’ll be knitting those socks in no time, trust me.