W&t makes me want to eat 50 chocolate bars

Uhm. . .how the fiery place do you do a “wrap and turn”? I’m using sox on two stix via knitty, and the pattern calls for something along these scary lines:

Okay, so I run over to the “knitty standard abbreviations” page to try and figure out this “w&t” nonsense, and I get this.

Those instrtuctions are too vague. Can someone help me here? I mean I tried really hard to do it, but what I came up with was a mess, it couldn’t have been right. I have lost track of my digital camera, so pictures I can’t do. But if someone could take pictures of the proper way to do this method, I would be eternally grateful. I would also be intensely appreciative if you can word the instructions more clearly than the above text. :pout: :heart:

This link might help you, and there’s a video at the bottom of the Advanced Techniques page that might be of help too.

ooooh. I didn’t know it was on the advanced techiniques cause it was listed there as “short row” lol. I’m a genius. :wall:

Thank you :smiley: I totally get it now :cheering:

The Knitty article on short rows might help - it has pictures. But yes, that description of it is exactly how you do a w&t. Knit 20, follow the instructions step by step, when you turn, purl back 19 sts, w&t again, knit 18, etc, knitting 1 less st each row.