W&T how to’s

Hi! I’m trying to start Lily Kate’s McKee shawl pattern but I’m totally confused with the w&t instructions…can anyone help?!
Thanks so much!!

What in particular is the problem with the W&T’s? If you don’t like W&T you can substitute German short rows or any other method.

Thanks for responding:) I’ve never done short rows the way the pattern states but I found a few video tutorials that are helpful. I guess I’m more confused with the way the pattern is written. Once it says w&t, then what? The pattern moves to the next row without saying. If it’s a knit row do I just finish by knitting back?I did a washcloth pattern once that used that phrasing…knit back. But that left a hole So, I’m not sure…ugh sorry if I’m not making sense

You’re making perfect sense. After the W&T move on to the next row. That is the return row from the W&T. In most patterns this is counted as 2 rows. So do whatever it says for the next row, knit back, purl back, work in pattern, etc. The purpose of the short row techniques is to add shaping and avoid those holes.

If you don’t like wrap & turn, there are other methods that you might prefer, German short rows, shadow wraps, Japanese short rows. Here’s a video about substituting GSR for W&T. It’s more for future reference. You may want to continue with the pattern instructions as written to avoid confusion right now.

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You’re fantastic! Thanks so much, I’m excited now :laughing: