W&t help

I’m working on the “get cabled shrug” by Alice Tang. After i work the back bodice i have 120a stitches on my needle then it says:

Curve Lower Right Edge with short rows

Row 1 (Right side): K3, w&t.
Row2: P3, turn.
Row3: K2, w&t.
Row4: P2, turn.
Row5: K1, w&t.
Row6: P1, turn.
Right Armhole (Right Side) Bind off 15 sts, knit to end of row picking up wraps - 105 sts.

I’m confused on the last part. If my wrapped stitches are at the beginning of my row, would I be binding them off?

Yes, you’ll be binding off the wrapped sts. The idae was to add this short area of estra rows and shape the curve before the armhole and that’s all you needed to do.