W.I.P. knitting w/chart

I am making a Dora the explorer blanket for my 7 year old daughter and this is the first time I have done this so I was wondering if there was some rule whem knitting with a chart that I am learning the hard way. Dora looks mighty awful to me. It took me a long time to get done with her but I think I might have to do it all over again and I sure hate to do that. Anyone care to be a friendly critic for me ? Thanks in advance.
There was only a chart for this and it is located here:


and what I have so far is attatched. but I am nowhere near done. Waiting to see what you all think before I go any further or rip it down.Thanks again.

I think it looks great!!!

Oh, I think it looks fantastic! :inlove:

wow, thank you well that settles that…I will leave it as it is thank you both.

I think it looks good, too. Most intarsia is done in stockinette, so maybe because your’s isn’t it looks different to you? I certainly wouldn’t do it over!

thanks for the tip. that was my first time attempting something like that.Maybe the other way is easier than what I did. have to learn how to do that stitch.thanks again

That is so cute! Any little girl would love it!!

thank you. I hope she likes it. Ok I looked up how to do that stitch and yes…I was /am way off.I did a basketweave on the outer border so what I did was knit 5 purl 5 until I got to where I wanted it to end and then I just knitted until I got to the other side and the next row I knitted all the way across. If you look close…to the right of Doras head, her eyes and mough…they are all puffed up. That is what concerns me. Could it be because I didnt do the proper stitch for this technique?

I can’t see any puffing up in the picture. For a first attempt at intarsia, though, that is very ambitious and it really does look fine. Every knitting project is a learning experience, for sure.

Next time, if you knit the right side and purl the wrong side of the color work, you’ll find it, I think, to be easier and smoother. That in no way takes away from the fact that your’s is a success. :thumbsup:

thanks I will do that next time. The puff parts are white and the graph showed to do 2 stitches but if you cant see it I think it will be okay.

For a first attempt at intarsia, that looks excellent!! :thumbsup:

It looks great! I am WAY impressed. I am nervous to do something like this.

I too think it looks wonderful!

I think it looks great…especially for a first Intarsia project.!!! Great work!

wow that looks fabulous! :cheering: