W.I.P. Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl in Progress

Here are a couple of shots of the Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl W.I.P. I got the pattern and yarn from my wonderful swapper, knitgal for Christmas. I have done the first set of shells (although that doesn’t show that well in these pictures because it is all bunched up on needles still). I think I will have it finished some time this week and then I will post FO pictures for you to see.

Thanks once again to my kind and generous swapper for the fantastic project. I am enjoying knitting with the Caron Simply Soft. It is a marvelous colour and soooo soft.

I am looking forward to the binding off because it is an I-cord bind off, which I have never tried before.

P.S. Can anyone help me with something. Ever since my camera ran out of batteries during Christmas the date on the pictures has been wrong. Does anyone know how I can fix that? TIA for your help and thanks for looking.


Its soooo pretty!!! i love the color!!

Nice job, so far!

What kind of camera do you have?

Thank you both for your kind words. I am pleased with the shawl. It is coming along nicely and should be finished before the week is out, barring complications.

The camera is a Mercury CyberPix S-555V Slim, or so it says on the front of it.

That’s pretty!!:yay:

Very pretty. I love Simply Soft. It is by far by favorite craft store yarn.

[B]PROGRESS REPORT[/B] Only 8 rows of shell pattern and 6 rows of plain garter stitch, then the I-cord bind off and this shawl will be finished. I’ll post a pic when it is finished. Then I can carry on with my first ever sox!!!

Looks great.

Can anyone tell me what sadistic son of a gun invented the I-cord bind off for a shawl that is well over three hundred stitches across? I have been binding off for an hour and a half now and I just now reached the half way mark.

I am DETERMINED that I am not going to bed until this shawl is finished. yawnnnnnnn… I am NOT going to sleep until I finish this darned thing. I need to take a break for a few minutes, but I will NOT go to sleep, I will go walk around the apartment for a minute to get the kinks out of my neck and shoulders. I am NOT going to bed! I am GOING TO FINISH THIS TONIGHT, if it kills me!!!

OK 3/4 of the way done, time for a smoke break! I am NOT going to bed, just out front for a smoke. I’ll be back to finish this up in a few minutes!!

I am not so sure I will be posting a picture of this tonight though. My eyes are crossing and I am going to be doing well just to finish it up. I think I will even wait to weave in my ends until tomorrow. I just want the binding off done tonight so that I can knit sox tomorrow, FOR ME!!!

OK, so I started the I-cord bind off at 11:35 and I have just finished it now. All I have to do is weave in the loose threads and my MIL`s shawl is FINISHED!!!

Later today I can knit SOX, in the round, for ME!!!

My DD came and took me to a bridal show today and could not believe it when she turned around to say something to me and I had Silver`s On The Town bag open and was knitting sox while she drove. I even took the bag into the show with me in case I got bored while she was running around trying on dresses.

Monday we will deliver the things I have knit for my MIL (shawl), my FIL (mistake rib scarf) and my SIL (paperback book cover in cotton). I have to go out and get some gift bags tomorrow, but the major portion of this family gifting project is now complete and awaiting delivery.

I changed the pattern of the shawl slightly, only because my MIL is a few inches under five feet tall and weighs 90 lbs. I thought the shawl would be too long for her, so I only did three shell pattern repeats instead of the six the pattern calls for. I tried the shawl on and it goes to the bottom of my bum (and I am 5 foot 8 inches tall), so it is going to be just about right on her in the size I have knit it.

I`ll post a pic after I weave in the threads later on this morning or this afternoon.

Wish me luck on Monday, and hope that each and every one of them likes the gifts I knit for them with love, yarn and two pointy sticks (not to mention stitch markers which I have never used before and the I-cord bind off that I have never done before)! It was a learning experience.

Its been a busy day and now I am going to bed! Ive earned my rest tonight!!!

:inlove: wow, it looks great so far! Hope you got a good night’s rest and are ready for weaving in those ends and showing us the finished project :teehee: I really love the color you chose, and I hope along with you that everything goes well in the giving! I am sure it will-

How could she NOT love that shawl? Its gorgeous :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: lookin’ good!

i love it!

[CENTER][B]What a pretty shawl! Another thing I want to make now.[/B][/CENTER]
Have you tried to re-program the date thing on your camara? Do you have an instruction booklet that came with the camara? If not, then you could probably find one on the internet. But I bet if you went to the main menu on your camara, you could find the date thing and change it.
What I do in situations like that, is find a 5 year old and have him fix it for me. (hahahahaha!!)

Yes, I had a good night’s rest, thanks. Yes I will weave in the ends and post a picture after I have had my “morning” coffee (I just got up). Yes, I finally figured out how to change the date and time on my digital camera, thanks.