VW New Beetle owners?

I’m shopping for a new car and I think I’ve settled on a New Beetle. Anyone out there own one? Pros? Cons?

We test drove a few of them today and I really like them inside and out. It’s a big change from what I’m driving now… a F150 extended cab, long bed truck… or as I affectionately call the Land Leviathan. :teehee: I really, really love my truck, but it’s time for a change and I’m thinking I’d really like something smaller and more fuel efficient. My son will be driving his own car soon and I don’t need a great big truck anymore. And I’ve liked the bug since it first came out.

I’d love some comments from other bug owners! :heart:

I have a VW passat wagon, but know several friends with beetles. they all LOVE them. I love my wagon. knock-on-wood we have had no problems in 4 years of ownership. Love the way it drives, it fits us well, gets good gas milage… VW has been good to deal with for a dealer… the only complaint I’ve heard about the beetle is uncomfortable back seats for adults to sit in. and not much trunk space. other than that everyone we know with one has been happy.

it’s small, but you know that already, 'cuz you test-drove them. I think it’ll be a huge adjustment going from your F150 to an NB. but if your son will have his own car soon, maybe he can assist with stuff the NB can’t haul. do the 4 of you all go places together in one car? if so, it’ll be a squeeze in the NB.

overall I think they’re cute. I’ve been wanting a Platinum color Turbo S NB for a few years, but not enough to give up my .:R. they only made it for one production year I think (2002).

I am biased tho, we are a VW/Audi famly and my husband makes his living modding and reparing them. I’ve bought 2 new VWs and my dealership experiences were good.

Thanks for your input! Good comments!

A little more info, DH has a Honda Element, which we use for road trips. We would all squeeze in the bug for going out to dinner and such, but when we were testing it out, DH got in the back seat and said it’s comparable to the back seat of my truck, and the seats are more comfortable. (My truck is an extended cab, which doesn’t have the full sized backseat like a super cab truck.) He’s really picky and said he liked it, so that’s good. I was actually surprised at the amount of room inside. It didn’t feel nearly as small as I thought it would.

Overall, I think I’m sold. We drove both a brand new and one with 50k miles on it to feel the difference between new and used. DH is a car guy and he’s pretty satisfied with the bug. And that’s even after driving my mom’s new BMW all day. :teehee: Dad bought mom a 530i for her birthday! :zombie:

We’re going back next week to test drive a convertible (which is what I really want!). cloud9 We didn’t drive one today because it was raining…

We had looked at the Audi (for the safety record), but then read the VW passats are built on the same frame- and we just loved it.

Oh yeah- and everyone knows you when you have a beetle- you will get honked at all the time!!! LOL, my sister in law is dying for a convertible…

My ex (bf at the time…) bought a brand new VW GTI… I’ve driven it a few times… Love it. I haven’t been in a NB yet, but if it’s anything like the GTI, you won’t have any issues with it. We had a wonderful experience at the dealership… they actually walked us through the manual, page by page. I’ve been with family members buying cars before, but the people at VW really do a much better job that any other dealers.

Good luck! Hope you’ll be happy with your new baby :slight_smile:

Hi Silver!

I HAD :cry: a New Beetle. It was a 2000 year model, and I adored it! In fact, I had a pair of beetles. We have been remodeling our house since we moved into it, and you would just be amazed at the things we hauled in that little car! As for the interior room, it is so spacious - mostly I think because the roof is so high, it just feels like there is plenty of room. I have ridden in the back seat for hours at a time, and found it comfortable enough (I’m 5’9").

Because the cost of gas was on the rise, Hubby decided we needed a diesel engine (we commute 45 miles each way). Now, we have a Jetta Wagon. It it a TDI (Diesel engine) - there were no Beetles available at the time, or I would have another one!! The Jetta is a great car, and we have enjoyed it, it just doesn’t have the personality of my [I]Sunny[/I]! I still whine everytime I see a yellow Beetle. I think one day I’ll have another one! :wink:

I would suggest considering the TDI - we are getting about 45 mpg now.

Have fun and post pics!! I’ll be :cry: in my coffee, though!!

Cute pair of beetles!! :heart: Like Herbie and his girlfriend! lol

DH has suggested getting a diesel. Next time we go test drive, we’ll see if they have one we can test it out. I told him that at least with a diesel, if we ever decide to refine our own cooking oil, we can convert to biofuel in a snap! :cheering:

I will certainly post pix when I get it, but it’s going to be a little while still. I think he wants to sell my truck [I]first[/I] so we can use that as a down payment (and he thinks we can get more in a private sale than a trade in). But the good thing is, he’s totally enticed by the dealership’s 0% financing for 3 years. :thumbsup:

It can’t happen too soon for me. I’m getting soooo excited. Everytime I see one on the road, I just go :inlove:!!! Oh I hate waiting… :verysad:

I’m excited for you!!

We just bought a used F-150 a few weeks ago! It’s a shame we couldn’t have worked something out to help speed up the process of getting your New Beetle!

I haven’t driven one but I think they are adorable. I saw a lime green one covered in hot pink flowers once. LOVED IT! :teehee:

Last week I came out of a meeting and saw a bug there that had the license plate:

“Cute aza”

I giggled and then giggled more at the people who would be confused by it. :slight_smile:

Sharly, that would have been FABULOUS. I’m optimistic that we’ll sell it for a decent price…

Brenda… OMG that tag idea is so cute! (pardon the pun!) lol

Wouldn’t that have been cool, Silver? I don’t know how far south in FL you are, but we could maybe have met half way! Oh well…I guess it wasn’t meant to be! I bet you won’t have any problem at all selling your truck!

I love that tag, too!! [B]Very[/B] clever!!

Yeah, that woulda been awesome. sigh Wish me luck on selling mine! :slight_smile:

:thumbsup:Good Luck!! {{{{{Sending Happy Selling Vibes your way!!}}}}}

I just can’t keep quiet when someone is talking about buying a VW… :teehee: my motto is, “Friends don’t let friends buy Volkswagens!”

I grew up in a VW family. In fact, I was brought home from the hospital in a shiny new '69 Beetle. :heart: The first car I ever bought with my own $$ was a '71 Beetle. My family never owned anything else – Beetles, Rabbits, a Golf, a Jetta, a Scirocco, and a bus. Mom still drives a GTI.

That said, I was grown before I learned that it’s NOT normal to have a car in the shop every week. Seriously, when I was old enough to drive, I can’t recall more than a few weeks going by when one of them wasn’t in the shop. I spent more hours in that waiting room than I even want to think about. :zombie: When my best friend was considering a VW I warned her, she did it anyway, and she lived to regret it. Lots of repairs, and they are very expensive to fix.

I think you either love them or you hate them…or in the case of Beetles sometimes you love them and you hate them, all at the same time. :roflhard: I still have a lot of nostalgic affection for Beetles, but I would never, ever buy another VW, unless I could afford an “extra” car, one that I didn’t have to depend on.

Just my .02 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the flipside Julie, even if it’s not what I want to hear. :nails: I wanna hear how wonderful they are so I can be blissfully ignorant of any downside! BUT DH insists we find out all we can first. :eyes: :roflhard:

No, really… I do appreciate your input. But we are taking into account that I don’t drive much, so I don’t wear out a car like normal drivers do. And both DH and my Dad do all our own car repairs themselves. Bonus! :thumbsup:

I drive a 2000 NB. The car handles wonderfully (sticks to the road like glue!) has plenty of pep, gets decent gas mileage and has never had mechanical issues. I also love that the positioning of the headlights and the curve of the hood edge make it look like my car is smiling at me!
However, there are a few things about the car I don’t like, some of which may have been worked out in later models. For instance, the coating on the interior door panels peels terribly. And the car has a smell like crayons and…something unidentifiable but plasticky. It’s tolerable, but not desirable, kwim? Also, the first few years they made the NB, they were still working out the “bugs” haha, and there were recalls on several little sensors and electronic parts (which VW paid to have replaced).
I highly recommend going to newbeetle.org and reading up on some of the common problems these cars have. They probably won’t dissuade you, but it’s good to be aware.

Overall, I do like my beetle and think it’s a great little car. I would consider purchasing one again, but would probably go with the TDI next time, mainly because it gets superior gas mileage.

Thanks for the input Dana! I’m actually already a member at newbeetle.org! lol We (both DH and I) read up on what everyone has to say and we’re still pretty set on a bug. I’m getting more and more excited every day.

I’ve been looking for a TDI, but there seems to be NONE in the area. I have my eye on an '07 convertible w/ less than 4k miles on it. It’s at a BMW dealership, it’s a certified pre-loved and comes with a new car warranty! :cheering:

But… DH says I have to sell my truck [I]first[/I]… :pout:

Hi Dana -

This is probably a moot point, if you take your Beetle to the dealer for servicing, I’m sure they’ve done this, but in reference to the odd smell, have you had your hepa filter changed? I know it can cause some strange odors in the car when it needs changing.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Silver, it sounds like you are already set on a new beetle, but I had to chime in anyway :mrgreen:

I’ve had mine for almost five years now and unless something drastic happens, I’ll never drive anything else. I love that car second only to my dog :teehee:

[B]Silly reasons I love my VW bug, Annie[/B] (yes, I named her!):

She’s freaking adorable
You just feel cute driving one
She smiles at me every day (as dana mentioned!)
Other drivers are nicer to you (seriously, people always smile and let me in when I’m waiting in line in traffic etc)
They are soooo fun to drive! :inlove:

[B]Logical reasons[/B]:

Great gas mileage
Hugs the curves like you wouldn’t believe
Turns on a dime
TONS more room than you think (my 120 dobie fits fine!)
You can always find yourself in a crowded parking lot :mrgreen:
Fantastic resale value
Good warranty

Regarding resale: my cousin has had 5 NB in 7 years. Every few months, her dealership (mine does the same) sends her a letter or calls her offering her some lightning low deal to trade in her bug for a new model. I know when I was looking it made more sense for me to buy new because the pre-owned models were going for a fraction less than brand new models. Crazy.

I had an unfortunate experience with my dealer, so I won’t go back there again, but am lucky enough to have 2 other huge VW dealerships in my area. Plus, I’ve found a fantastic mechanic who works on VW’s for a lot less than most dealership shops.

Good luck and have fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

Here she was the first week I got her!