what is better, crochet or knitting?


Neither is better. You get different effects with each, so it can depend what you want.

Some people tend to stereotype knitting and/or crochet! And I hate it when they do that!!! They will say that knitting is better for clothes, and crochet is better for doilies and blankets, but I completely disagree. [I]Crochet! Magazine[/I] has some fabulous crocheted clothes, and knit doilies and blankets are equally as beautiful as crocheted doilies and blankets.

So why does it have to be either/or? As long as you’re aware that crocheted stitches make a slightly thicker fabric than knit stitches do, then you can make either (or even both) work for whatever project you want. Really, it depends on how you want your final object to look.

I recommend flipping through knit and crochet stitch books (such as the ones put out by Interweave Press) to help you get an idea of the amazing range of patterns for both crafts. If you’re strictly a knitter, you might be pleasantly surprised at all the things you can do with crochet, and if you’re strictly a crocheter, well, the same thing applies to knitting!!

So it’s not either/or; it’s both/and!!

They are two different types of fiber arts. One is not better than the other. It’s personal choice.

I think they are both important.
But just in my opinion, crochet is more flexible :frowning:

LeFeng: Just curious . . . what do you mean by “more flexible”? Do you mean that the finished object is more “bendy” than knit objects or that crochet is more transportable than knitting or something else?


How can I say… My volcabulary’s not very good. I’m sorry for that :frowning:
Huhm… I just feel that it’ s optionable if we crochet a toy or cuddly animal for example. Just my personal feeling, don’t be so serious :slight_smile:

She was just trying to understand you. I think you mean that crochet has more options. You can knit toys and animals too - both can be used to make the same kind of items though.

LeFeng: Yes, I was just trying to understand what you meant, plus I thought that your point might be helpful to others–especially if you provided a bit more detail. Thanks for responding!