Vouge Knitting Magazine Back Issues for Swap

[COLOR=magenta]I am cleaning out my book case and am letting some books and magazines go. I will list my knitting books later but this is for Knitting Magazines. These magazines still look brand new and have no creases or writing in them. You can hardly tell that they have been looked thru. I take great care with my things so they look as if they just came off the news stand.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]I have several back issues of Vouge Knitting Magazine for swap. I would love to have back issues of Creative Knitting from 2004, 2005 or later. I like the larger size sweater patterns that Creative magazine used to have. I am also willing to trade for good quality yarn or sock yarn.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]If you want to trade Just give me a PM and we will work something out… I want to clean out my Crafts before Spring Cleaning gets here…=)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=magenta]The issues I have are as follows:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=magenta]Vouge Knitting Fall 2006[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]Vouge Knitting Winter 2006[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]Vouge Spring/Summer 2007[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]Vouge Knitting Fall 2007[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]Vouge Knitting Holiday 2007[/COLOR]

[COLOR=magenta]I also have to trade :[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]Knit N’ Style April 2007 Issue # 148[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#ff00ff]Thanks for looking,[/COLOR]