Vote for me please?

I’ve been nominated for a Bobby Award on Ravelry! :woohoo:

My Palindrome scarf and toe up socks have been nominated as a Best Free Pattern of 2007. If you agree, and you’re a Ravelry member, would you please click the “Agree” buttons under my nominations here? Posts #60 and #61. [I]Click only once[/I], if you click twice, your vote will be removed. If you accidentally turn your vote off, click once more to turn it on again.

Thank you, thank you so much!! :hug:

Done! Good luck. I just started your toe up tutorial and I have to say THANK YOU! I LOVE THIS! I have done a couple socks, but they don’t end up fitting, so I never make a second one. I love that I can check to make sure I like it and it fits before I move on to the next part.:notworthy:

i would, but im not on ravelery.

You got it, Sister!

Yay for you! Congrats! Done, you have my votes!

Voted. Good luck. I also saw your website in Simply Knitting magazine. Congratulations.

Done! Good luck! :cheering:

Done! Best of luck to you. You sure have earned every bit of recognition and support you get!!


Congrats!! I should be getting my Ravelry invite soon (#706 today!) and I’ll be sure to vote.:woohoo:

:woohoo:Done :woohoo:


Congrats and good luck! :cheering:

I voted for you, of course - you totally deserve it!

Done - good luck - you certainly deserve it!!!

Done, too bad I could not vote for your hat also. My daughter loves the one I am making for her.

I enjoyed looking at all the submissions, but hands down had to vote for yours.

Done! Good luck!


I voted for you. I really love the Palindrone scarf pattern… do you know how many of my friends got one for a Christmas gift. Thanks Silver and good luck. I hope you win!