Vote for Foo! FINAL UPDATE

My newspaper is having a “My Dog’s Face” contest so I entered our dog, Foofoo. :teehee:

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]:psst: Of course if you really think another dog is cuter… [/COLOR][/SIZE]:shifty:

I voted. Foo is a real cutie!

Jan, I voted! That’s one cute Foo!:heart:

Cute dog! I voted for Foo also.:yay:

your dog is adorable. I voted.

Foo got my vote.:heart:

I voted!

How cute - Foo got my vote also!

Foo wins, hands down :heart:
or should I say paws :teehee:

I voted, Foo is cutie…

:psst:[COLOR=“SlateGray”][SIZE=“1”]but – I have to know, which dog did you think was cuter… I won’t vote for him… promise…[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Foo got a 10 from me! :thumbsup:

10! Hope Foo wins :slight_smile:

Awww…with that cute little tongue and pretty pink bow, how could anyone NOT vote for her?? :thumbsup: She’s a little :star:

:psst: [SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]No dog is as cute as Foo, but I know some people might thing others are cuter. [/COLOR][/SIZE]:shrug:

Thanks everyone! :thumbsup:

Foo’s got my vote.

Gotcha… I thought you were making an (of course, tongue in cheek) implication of something to the contrary… my bad!!

:wink: the story of my day apparently!

FooFoo is a perfect name for him/her. It is a beautiful dog and I voted.

I voted! soo cute!:inlove:

I voted for foo.

How cute is she ? :slight_smile:


FooFoo for President!:muah: