Voodoo Doll

I have a friend that makes voodoo dolls along with a ton of other things. Her birthday was Saturday and I figured I would knit her a voodoo doll.

I started with this patternbut addapted it to be more like her dolls. I also use her favorite colors, my daughter told me to stay away from black. I wasnt sure if my friend would be flattered or somewhat mad that I took her idea and made it my own… she was VERY flattered and VERY happy with him.

Knit with Lambs Pride Bulky and then felted.

Pic #1 is My Voodoo doll by Ricë
Pic #2 is Ricë’s doll by me!

That’s really cool. I dig that you made it your own. I made a Bad Juju for my daughter, but he was smaller than what she wanted so I doubled the pattern and made a Big Bad Juju.

Great job Sabrina! I love it in white!

I did 1 a while back, guess what they are perfect for…pincushions!