Vogueknitting magazine

Why they alway left out the written pattern for either left front or right front ???

they alway ask you to[B] reverse the shaping[/B] !!! that is so frustrating …

anybody out there can you tell me is there a place/website that explain how to reverse shaping ???

thank you …

All patterns do that because it really is just doing the shaping on the other side of your front piece and it takes up a lot more space to repeat the instructions. On a left front the armhole is on the right edge, and on the right it’s on the left edge.

i understand that … issit too much to ask just printing them out… :shrug:… not all knitters are genius to figure that out…agree ?

As I said, it’s a matter of space. To print out all the instructions for the other side for every pattern would take up several more pages in the average magazine. After you’ve done one, it’s pretty easy to figure out. And for that first one, we’re always here for you.

copy that … i would give it a try and will sure ask for help here when i needed… thank you …:wink: