Vogue Stitchionary

I just got this in the mail–there was an offer for this and a free felting book and some tapestry needles, so of course I couldn’t resist :rollseyes: --I am so glad I did!

It has so, so many beautiful stitch patterns in it. I usually trudge through my other books to look for stitch patterns, but this is all in one place. I know there are other stitch dictionaries out there, but I haven’t seen any of them. So, if you’re in the market, I’d recommend this one. The only thing I don’t like about it is that all the swatches are green. I don’t like this particular color green. :wink:

Ahhhh…I’ve seen that book here & there online, so what u r saying is…get it :thumbsup: Right :wink: ?! I would so love it…I love green :inlove:

It does have some patterns that I’ve never seen before, that are just lovely. I have a ball of yarn that I think I’ll make a short, more decorative scarf from. One of these patterns will make it easy, since I’ll be able to stop when I run out. “Other grandma” always has some kind of scarf on, so I’ll make her one for Christmas.

Do the stitch patterns have names or are they just numbered? The one stitch pattern book I have just has numbers and I like to talk about patterns using names. #38 means nothing to other people.

They’re all named. All 250 of them.

i just checked this book out at barnes n noble, and i was ooing and awing at everything!

oh neato. I may have to get it. Hmmm… mom was just asking me if I had a wish list…

I go to our BnN almost weekly and they finally have this book. I liked the layout and had to keep from buying it simply because… what do I tell the famdamily when they ask if there’s anything I want for Christmas? It reminds me of the Knitting On/Over the Edge books only with overall pattern blocks instead of borders.
Great, now to go talk myself “Just wait, don’t go buy it… wait!”

I know I can’t resist when it comes to knitting stuff. I asked for hummingbird feeders. :rollseyes:

:heart: Certainly sounds like another one for the list :wink:

THanks for the tip, Ingrid.

Ingrid–if I may ask–where was the offer for the book and the freebies and is it still an offer somewhere!! :heart:

There was a card in the latest Vogue Magazine, which I subscribe to, that I sent in. I don’t recall if there was a date on it, but I assume that if it was in all Vogues, it’s still out there.