Vogue Mag Tank Top

I finally finished the Lace Cross Tank by Norah Gaughan from the S/S 2008 Vogue Knitting Magazine. :woot: It is project #32, shown on page 90. I used the yarn called for, Berroco Seduce. It is rayon, linen silk and nylon. It has a dark inner strand wrapped with a lighter one that creates small (sometimes not so small) slubs. I loved it for this project.

The pattern had some errors. Some had been corrected before I started, some not and at least one not yet (minor). I liked the pattern very much. Very interesting construction. Front and back are made exactly alike but sewn together differently. You make the triangle first then pick up stitches along the sides and add odd shaped side panels. The lace inserts are extended to form the straps.

And here is the back.

I had my very common problem of getting gauge to start with, and started over several times (yes, I know about swatching and do it :lol: ). But I finally got started right on a size 3 needle (called for a 5)

My daughter loves this top and it fits nicely. I made a size 34 bust.
Here she is in it, head included. :slight_smile:

I love it! Very nice job!

Looks very nice, good color choice.

It looks great!! the color is so pretty on her!!

Beautiful, daughter and top! Great job and I bet she loves it.


Nice top! Your daughter is really pretty and looks great in it!!

First of all, let me say this! Your DD is so pretty, and I swear, she has the most beautiful skin! Peaches ‘n’ Cream! Milky! Wonderful!

On the tank: it is GORGEOUS! And so well done, Judy! So well done! I just LOVE IT! I admire your knitting so much, and it is admirable that you keep re-starting til the gauge is RIGHT! It was so critical for this tank top! You acheived a[B] perfect fit![/B]!! And anything less than perfect would have been a disaster for this darling top!

WAY TO GO!!! :cheering:

Very cute!

What a darling top for a DD that is also beautiful with a figure to die for. Love the color(s) of the top and the work looks so involved. I hope one day I can reach, well almost, this type of perfection. A job very well done.


Very very nice! Good job.


Great job and a great fit!

What does slub mean?

Like everyone said, it’s beautiful, and it does look really great on your daughter.

So, what is next on your needles?

What does slub mean?
After I used the word and you asked, I wasn’t sure I knew for sure or used it correctly. :ick: Here is a short article about slubs. The definition as given here fits pretty well with this yarn. It has spots along the yarn that are thicker than the rest. One of the hanks had some real big ones in places. I actually decided to cut some of them out and rejoin the yarn to avoid them. Some seemed to go to the back of the fabric and not be a problem but some were in bad places and made the fabric look very different from the rest. Maybe I should have cut all of those big ones out, but it was a pain in the neck. :slight_smile:

So, what is next on your needles?
I’ve been thinking of making my DH a gansey sweater. I want to design it myself (if I can figure it out), but it has been so long since I messed with ganseys that I have forgotten what I knew. :oops: So I decided to make a small one first to remind myself. I have the book [U]Knitting Ganseys[/U] by Beth Brown-Reinsel. I love it. It is like going to a workshop. She has several patterns in the back and I was going to make one of them to get my mind going. But the one I wanted wouldn’t work with the yarn in my stash that I wanted to use so I am cobbling one together from that one and another and throwing in a few other things. I don’t know how successful it will be, but it won’t be a horrible loss if it doesn’t work out. :lol:

I appreciate the folks who have taken time to look at my tank top and for the kind comments.

That tank top is mahhvellous, dahhling! Seriously, it’s beautiful. I bet it was hard.

What a great design. It is beautiful. Wish my daughter wanted to wear something I made.

Fabulous job!! It fits like a glove! All your frogging and starting over sure paid off. Beautiful!

Fantastic! :muah:

Very cute and love the color.

may be in my next life i can knit like that, AND wear the top…:inlove: In the mean time,I’ll just praise those that can,and do. BTW I love seduce,and I’ve purchased enough for a scarf…it’s gorgeous yarn. May I ask what color this is?..Good job!:inlove: