Vogue Knitting Spring Summer 09

How was it? I really like the pattern on the cover but I’m not sure about the rest of the mag. I hate to order the whole mag for one pattern ($10+S&H).

My library has NO knitting magazines! It is not available on the library loan system.

Can someone at least tell me the pattern names and a synopsis ie cardi, vest, shrug knit in round, pieces, etc.?

Many thanks in advance!


I have this issue and I really think they did a great job in this one. I already did a pattern. If you belong to ravelry you can see the pattern pics here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/vogue-knitting-spring-summer-2009/patterns

1 is star motif pullove
2. star camisole
3. multi shape top
4. cover pattern
5. short sleeve cardigan (lacy)
6. feather and fan top
7. lace tunic
8. lace cardigan
9. lace tank
10 tie front cardi
11. feather trim vest
12 lace afghan
13. drop stitch scarf (kind of clapotis)
14. bias lace shrug
15. lace crochet cardigan
16. vine lace dress
17. ripple pattern cardigan
18. one button cardigan
19. textured top
20. halter tank
21. two color top (t shirt like)
22. mitered top
23. pleated top
24. ruffled cardigan
25. tank top
26. diagonal rib top
27. fingerless gloves (very dainty)
28. lace shawl
29. lace socks
30 lace scarf
31 lace stockings

and here is a picture of 9 the laced tank that I did.

I’m working on the Botanica Medallion Cardigan from it and LOVE this edition of the mag! Not so sure I want to finish this particular cardi - but the mage was great!

Here’s the medallion portion of the cardi in this mag. The outer ring is giving me headaches! But great pattern!

Scout, thanks for the tip on the pattern pics! Lots of mags do this on their website but not Vogue knitting. I am on Rav, just havne’t gotten around to adding my Rav signature at the bottom here.

KPGirl, love your medallion! I was even thinking the medallion would make a lovely table cloth for a round table or placemats or something like that.

Thanks, gals. :muah:


Thanks for the review of this magazine. It’s sometimes hard to find.

i normally don’t like vogue knitting but this one looks good plus i’ve been looking for a lace type top to use up my knitpicks Gloss Lace

Ya, I don’t like the way the outer band is working up. I may just do some sc around this, then pick up and knit some pattern of my own design around it and use it as a table cloth or round shawl.

It would make a great tablecloth!