Vogue Knitting Sheath

I knit the sheath in the latest Vogue Knitting magazine and thought I would post it. It was a really fun project:


:smiley: Beautiful! What a great job…WTG :cheering:

Wow - beautiful! it looks wonderful on you!

I can’t tell what yarn you used? Is it self striping, or did you do all those little stripes?

I :heart: :heart: :heart: the latest issue of VogueKnitting, there is so much in it!

Many thanks for the wonderful comments.

The yarn I used was Cascade Fixation, which is an elastic yarn. The colors are khaki, pink, yellow and olive. The pattern is all done in a woven stitch to mimic sort of a tweed. I did have to change color all the time, I believe every 2 rows for each of the colors. It was a slip stitch, so every other stitch was slipped behind the khaki color. It give it very much a tweed appearance. I started out cutting the yarn at a color change, but found it worked better to carry all the yarns, as the side are sewn, so any floaters are hidden.

Thanks again for the comments. I’m proud of it!


I must re-read this mag once every night since I got it.

You did a fantastic job on that!! And it looks GREAT on you!


:inlove: That is GREAT!! How many balls of Fixation may I ask?
Are those Fossil sunglasses with the diamonds?? If yes, I have the same ones! :cheering:

Wow, that’s beautiful! It’s a perfect fit on you and the color is very classy. Good job! :XX:

That is beautiful! You have to have a great shape to wear a knitted dress! Wear it proudly - it looks fantastic on you!

Neat-o! Another project on my to-do list! Though I was thinking of just making it as a top which should be easy enough to do. It looks like you did a terrific job! :cheering: :cheering:

That’s beautiful!

Wow!!! Absolutely gorgeous and it looks stunning on you!

Simply stunning!! You did a terrific job & it looks fabulous on you!!

Wow, that is beautiful! :smiley:

Wow!! Great job! :cheering: Looks fabulous!!

Looks great on you!! :cheering:

awwww, everyone is so kind. Many thanks. I lost almost 20 pounds to wear that dress. I wore it to my son’s rehearsal dinner and got lots of compliments.

Andrea, it was 7 balls of the taupe and 2 each of the other colors, which is a total of 13 balls. So the dress cost me less than $60 to make, which I don’t think I could have bought a dress like that for under that amount.

Once again, thanks for the generous compliments!


Get a load of you! Those stylin’ shades! And that “to die for” dress!

Rock & Roll! :happydance:

wow, that is a super cute and flattering dress!