Vogue Knitting Magazine Spring 2007

I posted yesterday, but did not get any responses… so I’m trying again.

Anyone have the magazine? I really want to make the “suit”. It is actually a strapless dress and jacket. The picture is on page 77. The yarn in the pattern is Lang Lyra which is a 46/50 silk/cotton blend. It is not readily available for me and way to expensive.

So… I need a substitute. I am guessing that I need to stick with a silk blend for drape and to keep the cotton from sagging.

Webs has Classic Elite Classic Silk on sale. It is a silk/cotton/nylon blend.
I also like the Frog Tree 30%sik/70% Pima cotton… is this too much cotton?

I have never used a bamboo blend, maybe this is an option instead of a silk blend?

Open to suggestions.


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BTW: I haven’t sen the Spring I have the winter issue: I hope to soon get it so I can get alook see at what youre talking about??

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I have the magazine and that set is realy nice. For substitute yarn you can do eather one of the silk blends. I think silk gives it a slight shine and that smooth texture . If you use bamboo it won’t have that .
I also like Debbie Bliss Stella from same site for this project.